Week 1

Week 1!

Chelsea Taylor

Apr 30 (1 day ago)

So week 1 has felt like the real life version of Groundhog Day. The same exact day over and over again. It’s kind of weird and makes me lose track of time so I guess that’s a good thing? Anyways, I love it here! It is so beautiful and tropical everywhere I look! I can’t believe I’m going to be serving this gorgeous country! There’s so much I want to say and so little time. I have a very strange predicament where I am all alone with no companion. She was supposed to get here from Africa but her visa never came through so I am “companions” with two elders during class and “companions” with a sister from a trio outside of class. It’s weird. So going into the field will be even more strange actually having a companion. Walking outside is like walking into a sauna. That’s not an exaggeration either. I have been extremely humbled this week with all the ups and downs. I have loved being surrounded by the Spirit all the time. Sunday was the most powerful sacrament meeting I have ever been in! It was like BOOM! SPIRIT! The president at the MTC or (CCM in Spanish) are so great. They are so loving and involved in our success. My disctrict consists of me and 4 elders. I’m one of the guys I guess. But it’s been great because they are so fun and funny to with so I feel grateful for them making this a joyful experience… (because the girls are a lot of drama). Speaking of girls, I got called as the Sister Training Leader so I am like the female assistant. It caught me off guard since I’m so new but I’m so humbled to have the opportunity to serve the hermanas of the CCM.
We have about 10 Northern Americans and 25 Haitians. So we have English, French, Spanish, and Creole being spoken here and it’s strange being the minority but I love them so much! They are such a loving group of people and really want to learn English. We were told that the CCM is the “celestial kingdom” compared to the field when we really start teaching so we better enjoy showers, AC, and “big” meals while we still have them. (I feel like I’m starving 24/7) Teaching our investigators is very challenging but great practice for the field. It is teaching me a lot of patience since I cannot speak or understand the language well enough to teach a lesson. It’s so intimidating but I am learning so much. I have never had such a strong desire to learn the gospel and teach others! I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I feel like I’ve gained so much knowledge and spiritual enlightenment just in this week alone so I can’t wait for the next 18 months! My favorite thing from my personal study this week was when I was reading in John 17:4. “I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world.” It’s so applicable to our lives and this time period! I couldn’t help but think that truth continues to be truth, whether or not it is popular. We are never alone in this world and we should never let the discrimination from the world break our faith.
The church is so true. The Atonement is such a powerful tool in our lives and I can’t wait to spread this knowledge to others. I know I was called here for a reason and I can’t wait to find out what that is.
PS- we really do have rice and beans.. every. single. day. Luckily, I love rice and beans so I’m a happy camper 🙂
PSS- The temple is so beautiful here! We went through it today and… wow. That’s all.
I miss and love you all so much!
Con amor,
Hermana Taylor

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