week 3

This week has flown by! I barely remember any of it because it feels like it happened in the blink of an eye. I have learned more in the past 2 weeks here than I have in my whole life (or so it feels like). We went to the book fair last weekend to proselyte to real people! It was super intimidating because they all talk SO FAST. You tell them “mas despacio” and they look and you funny haha. It was a confidence boost to be able to communicate with people and to finally get outside the gates of the CCM! The people here are really kind about hearing our message. Apparently the book fair here is a huge deal. It literally looked like the entire city was there. It was crazy. I got some lovely blisters that day and had difficulty walking ever since. We also got to go to the tienda and it was actually pretty nice! I was surprised to see a lot of American labels. THE PINEAPPLE HERE IS LIKE EATING LITTLE PIECES OF HEAVEN. I have it ever day and that’s probably why I get bit so much but it’s totally worth the pain.

Teaching in Spanish is getting easier and I’ve gotten to the point where I can speak more from the heart instead of off a page. I just can’t speak fast enough to keep up with them. The goal is to be fluent by my birthday though. We play a lot of volleyball and it’s hard not to get competitive. We got new people in yesterday.. about 12 Latinos and 3 Jamaicans. My district is so fun. I got really lucky (and to be honest I’m glad I’m the only girl because that means no drama) haha. I can see why the age used to be 21….. Anyways, I love it here! I wish I had time to tell you everything. But I have just come to know how to better trust the Lord’s timing and understand that His ways are higher than ours. I can’t wait to get out in the field and teach people! There is an awesome devotional by David A. Bednar back in 2011 that discusses how important it is to develop the pure love of Christ. I have come to learn how much happier we can be if we show charity for everyone.. especially those we may be struggling to get along with. You can’t be mad at someone you serve 🙂 My favorite thing I took away from it was “Let your belief of the Son of God be reflected in who we are and what we do.”

I love you all!!



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