Hola Everyone!

Chelsea Taylor

May 14 (5 days ago)

We went to the university last week to proselyte and it was terrifying! They speak so fast it’s unreal. I can’t imagine the day I can keep up with them. We talked to a group of friends for 30 minutes though and they understood us! It was awesome and they took our pamphlets and everything. It felt so good. We had a great devo the other day and it was about the importance of missionary work (naturally). It was saying how great our work will benefit our current and future families and that we are raising up an army! It’s really cool to think of it like that.
There is also a great poem we got to read from this talk by Thomas S Monson. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1991/04/never-alone?lang=eng you should read it! 🙂
We make pan dulce a lot here because we are always craving sweets but have nothing to eat. IT IS SO GOOD. Or I’m just really deprived and desperate. I got to teach a lesson as an “example companionship” the other day with one of the teachers, Hna. Garcia. She just got off her mission 2 months ago and is 21. We got to show the Jamaicans how to teach and plan correctly and we got to do it IN ENGLISH!!! I haven’t taught in english…. ever. I literally forgot some english gospel words as I was praying and had awkward pauses. I haven’t prayed in english for almost a month! So it was really cool to be able to speak freely and testify of the things I know are true. IT WAS SO EASY. It made me sad that I have a long ways to go until I can do that in Spanish. But I guess I needed a challenge haha. The Spirit was so strong as we taught and it was only a demonstration! I can’t wait for the field.

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