last week of mtc life!!! WOOO!!

I got to go out into the field last Friday! It was awesome! We taught people in the streets and someone threw a bra at us… all sorts of fun stuff happened haha. Also, I understood EVERYTHING! It was a miracle and definitely because of the Spirit. I was able to communicate clearly with everyone we taught and I felt like it was a million times easier than normal! We rode the buses or “gua gua” as it is called here and we were packed like sardines and everyone was sweating on each other!! I’ve never sweat so much in my entire life!

I have come to accept that I will just always be tired on my mission. Staying awake is a daily struggle. Oh I burnt a hole through my skirt last week while ironing… that’s fun. I don’t even know what happened…. but yeah.. there goes one skirt. Everyone was laughing at me.
I got corn rows this week from a Dominican and it was the coolest/most painful experience of my life and everyone was calling me a little ghetto girl and laughing at me but it was a bucket-list item I can now cross off.
This morning while reading emails, one of the sisters from Puerto Rico found out that her sister and her friend have both died. That hit me really hard with how lucky and blessed I really am. I have nothing to complain about! So what if I can’t roll my stupid R’s yet? Everyone I love is alive and well and that’s the best blessing I can ask for! I just feel overwhelming gratitude for everything and for this life and especially for the Plan of Salvation.
Here are my rules for my mission and I think they apply to all of life:
1. Have confidence
2. Be patient with yourself
3. Have fun!
That’s all I have time for this week.. But I love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana Taylor
PS- I’ve been eating mashed potatoes… you’d be so proud.

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