I am finally out in the field!

¡Buenas dias!

I am finally out in the field! ¡ Al fin! I love getting to teach REAL people now and do what I am called here to do.  My companion is Hermana Muñoz.  She  is 19 from California but her dad is from Peru and her mom is from El Salvador.  So she was already fluent…not fair.  We are getting along well and she is being patient with my Spanish.  She definitely has a strong, dominant personality so it has shown me SO much humility.  It has been a big adjustment to let someone else take charge but it has made me appreciate all the people who put up with me when I get controlling and bossy…because it is not fun being on the other side.

I have only had to shower out of a bucket once so far.  I got the shower to work and I have grown to LOVE cold showers!   There is nothing better than coming home after sweating profusely all day than jumping in a cold shower!  It’s the only place I don’t feel sweaty.  I am becoming one with nature while living with centipedes, cockroaches, and mosquitoes in our house.  You should my legs, it looks like a war zone.  Mosquitoes-100, Chelsea-0.

Missions are HARD WORK.  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into beforehand; but I am so glad I am here!  I know there is nothing greater I could be doing with my time.

Here are a couple of stories from this week:  First, we were teaching a woman who believes strongly in science and has a lot of questions and literally SECONDS after we said our closing prayer, a man working on an electrical tower did something wrong and there was a giant flash of light and then a thud.  He electrocuted himself and fell to his death right in front of us.  Our investigator went crazy and the ironic part is that we just finished teaching the Plan of Salvation.  Second, (this story will tell you how my Spanish is going) we were buying fruit from some guys on the street and one of them was being flirty with me (we call them frecos) and he was talking too fast for me to understand so I was just agreeing with everything he said so he would leave me alone.  As we walked away, Hermana Muñoz said, “He asked you if he can make a daughter with you and you said yes.” WHOOPS!! Once I can understand Dominican Spanish, I will be able to understand anything.

Third story, (and most embarrassing) was when we taught a lesson to a progressing investigator with 2 Tongans visiting from the states.  The guy served here on his mission so he wanted to come along.  Well, him and his sister were dressed up SUPER fancy and we looked nasty from walking around all day so I said that they made us look like sweaty hobos.  Now this was like my 3rd day in the field, so I was really emotional and stressed out over the language and not feeling confident in myself, just keep that in mind.  When we got home that night, my companion started lecturing me on using proper missionary language and I’m thinking, “What did I do?” So I asked and she said, “Remember calling us SLUTTY hobos?” HAHAHA!  I just started laughing so hard because I thought I said sweaty, not slutty!  Then 2 seconds later, I started crying because I am trying so hard to be obedient in everything I do and I was so embarrassed that she thought I said that!  I had a weird, breakdown moment.  But now I can’t stop laughing at that!  I can’t even speak English!  My rules for the mission are to be confident, be patient with yourself, and have fun!  We were put on this Earth to experience joy!  Too many people take things too seriously.

Anyways, that is all for this week!

I love you all!  ¡Besos y abrazos!

Love Hermana Taylor



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