Una Semana de Aprendiendo

This Sunday we had 9 investigators come with us to church!  It is so exciting to see people progress!  It’s at 8 AM so a lot of people have trouble getting up early enough to walk all the way to church in this heat!  For some it takes up to 30 mins!  I think of how much dedication that takes and how easy we have it in the states.  We have 3 towns in our area so we are walking ALL OVER.  Our area is huge! There used to be 6 missionaries covering this area but now it’s just us two.  I have so many blisters I could barely walk the past few days!  I’ve gained a lot more confidence this week with my teaching and Spanish.  It is so awesome to understand people!!  I have also grown so much love for my companion and the members.  In the MTC, we learned there is only one reason why companionships don’t get along, it’s when one is trying to do the right and the other, wrong.  It’s SO TRUE!  As long as we both have the same goal, we will get along.  Also, I realized my companion is kind of like Dad…she pushes me really hard and I may hate it in the moment, but I know I will be thankful later.  Also, I love kids!  I didn’t realize how much I love kids until now.  I love playing with them at members houses.  Every monday we make dinner for the Velez family and have FHE with them.  They are recent converts with 3 boys and it is so fun.  It reminds me of home.

I have been getting sick (still) off and on with weird stuff but luckily Dad has trained me to have a “tough it out” mentality.  I got a crazy rash all over my legs and it looked pretty scary but it’s almost gone!  I also have swollen legs and feet from all the walking and bug bites.  I’m so pretty ha ha.  We got to celebrate my comp’s 9 month mark this week and I encouraged her to burn a skirt on the roof…so she did.  Yay for peer presure!  ha ha.  But it was so fun and worth it.

We got to teach an investigator from Haiti with a translator  and it was awesome!  He’s been going to church for months but doesn’t understand the lessons because his Spanish is so bad.  So it was a total blessing…and I got to teach in English so that was fun.  Literally everyday I have at least one guy try to talk to me in English so it’s pretty funny what they will say.

It has  rained on us twice so far and the ground is so hot that there was steam rising!  I ate my first plantain in my favorite Dominican dish called Sancocho and I actually liked it!  Also, we get mangos from everyone for free which is the best thing ever because they are so good here!  It is so humbling to have people give us food when they have so little themselves.  I have felt so insecure here when Io wear my hair up because my tattoo shows and I hate wearing my story on my skin.  However, it has actually started a lot of conversations with investigators and less actives.  I’ve even been asked permission to share bits of my story because it helps other see that they, too, can change.  I love getting to bear my testimony to them about how much this gospel has changed and blessed me in my life.  I feel like they feel more comfortable confiding in me their questions and doubts because I’ve walked their path.  i love seeing this change in others!  I feel so grateful for everything!  I love you guys!


Hna TaylorDSC00794[1] DSC00772[1] DSC00792[1]


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