Hey! I think I am now an official Caribbean missionary….

!Hola!  I think I am now an official Caribbean missionary because I am always sticky and have really strong tan lines already.  My watch tan line is my favorite.  I am proud to say that I was able to make my companion laugh pretty good this week.  i started telling her about my love for dinosaurs and told her about times me and other friends have imitated dinosaurs and she wanted to see.  So I walked towards her on the street making my best dinosaur impression and TAD-AH!  It worked!

We had an interesting time this week while contacting.  We started talking to a couple girls sitting on a bus bench and my companion asked what they were doing and they said “working.”  I picked up on all they context clues but my comp didn’t so it got a little awkward when she asked, “Oh, what do you do?”  Let’s just say they were….ladies of the night  Haha.  But hey…EVERYONE needs the gospel!  That same day on the street there was this massive bag of intestines just laying there and it smelt soooo bad we wanted to gag.

The guys here are always hissing at me because of my skin.  The other day, a group of teenage boys were walking on the same street as us and they started spreading out walking towards me and ended up locking their arms around me with me in the middle, my companion had to help me get them off.  So that was an experience!

I have fallen in love with quipes!  They are my favorite and today i will learn how to make them.  I have tried a lot of weird things and you’d be proud to know I’ve like them all.  Surprising, right?

I got the best compliment the other day from an investigator, she said I am “casi Dominicana” YAY!  I’ve been imitating the way they speak and someone finally noticed!  I had to give a little talk on Sunday on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and I was terrified!!  I do not feel like my Spanish is good enough to speak in public yet.  I just kept praying for the gift of tongues and I went up there and said what I felt the spirit needed me to say.  Afterwards, I got tons of compliments saying they understood everything!  I think everyone, including myself, was surprised.  There was a little girl on the stage with me and she was trying to draw on my arms and face so I think everyone got a kick out of watching that.

A couple in a ward got robbed pretty bad yesterday right after church and they are on the more high end scale of things, so we went over to offer help or support but they were so positive about it.  It was awesome!  Of course they were upset but they said that at least they are okay physically and that items can always be replaced.  What a great attitude!  We have a progressing investigator named Cesar and he is awesome!  He lived in New Jersey for 17 years and was involved in gangs and all this crazy stuff in his past but he has such a soft spirit and a hunger for truth!  He has a million question and talks so fast you can barely understand his english but I love his excitement.  He is the most prepared of anyone we are teaching and I’m so excited to see his enthusiasm and I can feel that he has such a strong spirit.  My companion and I were able to have a good inventory this week and I was able to tell her what I have learned from my relationships and classes and the 5 Love Languages in order to make us have a better companionship and I really think it is helping!

I have felt so blessed this past week and I know the Lord is constantly looking out for me.  I can feel Him guiding me in lessons and especially with the language.  The more I just listen to the people instead of trying to think of what to say next is when we have the best lessons!  We’ve been so blessed by finding opportunities to serve (even though sometimes it takes a lot of pleading) and we’ve seen other serve us as well.  I love it and I love this work!

Besos y Abrazos 🙂

Con Amor,

Hna TaylorDSC00862


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