Sorry guys!

Sorry guys! Chelsea somehow only sent me part of her blog letter this week.  She forgot to send me the second page.  I will send you part of the letter she wanted me to post, come back next week to read the conclusion….

This week was not very eventful but it was definitely a week of spiritual and physical growth!  Hermana Munoz was sick one day so we had to stay inside for 24 hrs and I read all my gospel materials like nobody’s business!  I never knew how interesting all this was before but I can’t get enough!  I love the concept of eternity as well…it always blows my mind.  Just think of holding onto a big rope where you can’t see the beginning or the end and then taking a small piece of string and looping it around the rope one time…that’s our life on earth!  Crazy, right?? I feel like that perspective makes it easier to be obedient and have faith because this life really is just a small moment.

Sorry, I’ll stop getting excited about weird stuff now and move on.  Anyways, I had my first baptism this weekend, YAY!!  He is a 13 year old named Damian and we were so excited for him….

Come back next week for the exciting conclusion!  Until then, have a great week!


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