last week continued….

I had my first baptism this last weekend, YAY!!!!  A 13 year old named Damion and we were so excited.  We have really great ward here and the church members like to get involved. We have one member who has been a member for six months and has an incrediblypowerful testimony.  He come out to teach with us a lot and it is so helpful.  The best part is that is not even his calling. He just does it because he likes to serve and help us out (and he usually reads my blog,so…..hi Luis!).  He is an English teacher and has the summer off so we are putting him to work.

The bishop had us over for my first member meal for lunch and it was awesome!!!  The bishop’s family is so fun and it was nice to see his personality outside of church for once.  His wife made us lunch and when I saw it I got a little nervous because it was an assortment of plantains.  Sometimes when we come over they send their 8 year old daughter to buy us some soda or a tiny piece of candy because they really have so little and are STILL willing to give in order to show their love.  I have grown so much love for them nd am sad to be transfered away from them.  The mosr incredible thing has been to watch the husband kick his addictions with smoking tobacco and alcohol.  He makes look easy with how great he is doing!  He is so excited about it as well and you can see the true desire he has to change.  He said when he has the urge to do it, he hs a sudden “vision” of us and he no longer wants to do it.  How cool is that ?!  We have been praying like crazy for him and it seems to be taking effect.

A motorcycle drove by me really fast in the street and my skirt flew up Marilyn Monroe style so that was….fun haha.

We saw a first giant, hairy, ugly tarantula in the street hanging out with our freakishly huge centipede friend.

This woman thought I was from Venezuela and so we started talking and I was feeling really good about my Spanish until I got alittle lost at one point and  wasn’t exactly sure what she said so I just said, “si, si” and it turns out two seconds later my brain figured out what she said and it was, “you are really beautiful”.  UGH.  Language barrier problems.  This week has been super exhausting and me feet are always swollen and sore but it has been a really good one! Besos y abrazos a todos!


Hermana Taylor


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