This week really made up for last week…

This week really made up for last week because it has been crazy!  We have transfers tomorrow so I ‘ve been packing and cleaning all morning.   I’m actually being transfered about 15 minutes away and my second trainer is a native Dominican!  I’m terrified and excited all at the same time.  She doesn’t speak any English so I will definately be speaking Dominican Spanish after this transfer.  I kept saying that my goal was to be as close to fluent as possible by September.  It looks like Heavenly Father is giving me what I asked for…and now I’m scared, haha.

So, here are the high lights of this week:

1. We decided to start a “Noche de Amisted” with ou ward this week to get the members more involved and it went extremely well.  We played tons of games and I learned that I fit in with the culture really well because they were just as overly competitive as I am.  We were only expecting 15-20 people at MOST and we had around 40 show up…which isgreat except that we only brought one pan of cake and 2 soda bottles.  We weren’t sure how we were going to get everyone fed. But as we started dishing everything out, we ended up with left overs!  We couldn’t believe it!  It looked as if the cake kept magically reappearing. It is something so small but it really felt like when Christ fed 5,000!  Everyone said they were full from a tiny square of cake. It was such a small blessing but it meant a lot to us.

2. We are teaching this family who doesn’t have much and is incredibly loving and humble. The husband said he has been having dreams or “visions” (he calls them) about my companion and I and says he thinks it is God’s way of telling him this gospel is true.

I probably had a staring contest with my food for a  minute but then I had to go for it. I took my first bite and my brain was screaming, ” GROSS!”. But midway thru chewing, it started tasting really good! I love them now!  They were plantano maduro plantains and I was happily impressed.  (Either I’ve been blessed the ability to like everything or it is all just amazing.)   The dessert was tres leche cake and I could eat that all day.  I refuse to go home without the recipe!  Everytime I sit down for more than 20 minutes my eyelids start goingtowarwith me and I can never win.  I don’t know if iwill ever adjust to being tired all the time from the sun and walking 24/7. Everything is going really well, though.  I am remembering to always look for the good in everything/one andit helps a lot. Still super hot and sweaty but hey, at least i’mburning off calories, right?  Positive attitude! Haha! I love you guys muchisimo!


Hermana Taylor

PS–favorite moment: a guy learning English said to me, “give me fifth!”. I said, “huh?”. He said, ” You know…like one, two, three, four, fifth…”   haha….classic!


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