This week has been GREAT!!

First of all, this has been a great week and I feel so happy everyday!  I love my companion, Hermana Valdez, from the DR.  She is so funny and sassy…Just my kind of person.  The craziest thing about having a pure-bread Latina comp. is only being able to speak Spanish…but what’s crazier is that I UNDERSTAND SPANISH NOW!  It’s unreal.  I still have a long way to go, don’t get me wrong, but I can actually converse now!   I think my missions president knew I needed a sink or swim situation and it worked.  It’s crazy in lessons because I speak clearer and more fluently than normal and I can feel the Spirit guiding my words and sometimes it literally feels like someone else is speaking for me.  It’s such a great feeling!  My most proud moments of the week is that no one guesses that I’m from the States anymore!  Not once this week has someone guessed that.  I’ve gotten Dominican and usually Mexican.  Yay!  Also, my gift of being able to imitate accents is coming in handy because every time someone hears I’ve only been here for 3 month, they can’t believe it because they say my Spanish and my accent is better than gringos with 10 months.  (haha they sure know how to build my confidence).  I LOVE having a Dominican companion!  It’s so fun learning all the Dominican words and culture and making her cook dishes for me.  I’ll be honest, sometimes the food here looks pretty scary but it always tastes great!

My new are is much smaller and probably 1/3 of my old one but these people party much harder…the loud music literally never stops and we just have to study and teach through it.  It can be hard to invite the spirit when you can’t hear your investigator.  I learned that I was being very spoiled in my last house with running water and constant electricity.  Those were the glory days.  The electricity always goes out in the middle of the night and we just lie there in our sweat.  However, this week we’ve seen a lot of small miracles.  Something as small as praying for electricity and in the middle of the prayer, the fans turn on.

I think my favorite thing about teaching with my companion is that we can both testify of how much this gospel has changed our lives because we both know what it is like not to have it.  She is a convert of almost 2 years and I love how passionate she is about the gospel and learning.  I feel so much power when we teach and testify and she has such a strong spirit.  She keeps saying that she feels like I am training her but she doesn’t realize how much she is teaching me.  I am so lucky to have her as my second trainer.  One thing I’ve been pondering a lot about throughout my studies is how everyone tries to tear down the Book of Mormon.  To me, it just shows how the rest of the world also recognizes that this book is the keystone to our religion.  literally EVERYTHING weighs on this book.  If you read it and know it to be true through prayer, then everything we are teaching is also true.  I think that is why Satan works so hard at dissuading people from reading it.  We always hear excuses as to why our investigators couldn’t read it AGAIN and I just want to be like, “You are holding the truth in your hands!  All you have to do is read it!”…Okay, I actually have said that but I want to say it to everyone!  If the adversary is working so hard to prevent people from reading it, it just goes to show how much power it really holds.

Hermana TaylorDSC00584[1]


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