Our apartment is dying….

Our apartment is dying.  I woke up looking like I got punched in the jaw and have painfully itchy eyes, my companion has terrible knee problems, Hna Fife caught some weird illness, and Hna Davis is being checked for lice.  What’s more funny is that none of us want to stay inside so we just pray a lot for our health and go to work.

Aside from all that, we have seen so many blessings!  We have really been focusing on families and right now we have two really promising families who are really progressing.  I haven’t really been on the side of the spectrum where I get to see the fruits of our labors until now.  These families expressed to us this week that they have felt a change in their homes since we started visiting and we can see the difference and it’s amazing!  It’s incredible how the spirit can really motivate people to change.  More than that though, we see so much more unity in their houses!  It made me realize why I am here and gave me a new love for missionary work.  I absolutely love seeing the change in these people and my love for them has grown so much!

This week I’ve learned the power of a testimony.  I love having members come along and share their conversion story because it is so powerful to our investigators.  It’s like Paul in Romans when he shares his conversion story and lets everyone know how his life used to be and how it is now thanks to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On a different note, here are some of the interesting experiences I’ve had this week:  I got a noodle thrown on my face in the middle of a lesson, I got stabbed in the back with a fork in the middle of a lesson.  I had to translate for a doctor, I learned I love plantains, and Hna Valdez and I have a daily singing contest of who is worse.  There’s probably a lot more I could write about but I leave those for my journal.  haha.  That’s all for now.  I love you all!


Hna Taylor

PS–Read Romans 10:15 and then look at the picture of my feet after a long day of hard work.

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This week flew by…

DSC01530[1] chelsea#3This week flew by because we had so many meetings!  I’m having a hard time remembering things from this week which will make sense in a moment.  TOP 2 moments of the week: (1) we have a baptismal date with a lady, (the one I mentioned last week) Margot, and she has more life and energy in her pinky than most people do in their whole body.  I hope I’m that crazy one day.  (2) I have a new appreciation for the Spirit being able to communicate with me and how important it is to live worthily of receiving those promptings and acting on them!  My companion and I were teaching a couple we contacted for the first time and I was noticing all these  superficial things about the man that seemed really weird and the thought came to me that we needed to leave but I didn’t have any good evidence as to shy and I felt like it was just my brain being judgmental but my companion, luckily, is smarter than me and acted on her impression and we left.  (PS–this is a very condensed, Reader’s Digest version) My companion said she was justifying in her head too and thought she was just crazy but we were having the same promptings and I never realized how easy it can be to ignore a clear prompting from the Holy Ghost.  I learned to listen no matter how crazy it seems.

My lowest 2 moments of the week: (1) I lost my agenda in the street and that contains my life and notes of what happens everyday so that was sad.  My lowest moment is that I achieved the impossible of falling asleep in my chair sitting straight up in the middle of a conversation with my com.  Luckily she laughed really hard and was also impressed.

Other things from this week is that I have been experiencing VERY vivid deja vu and I know that I’ve been here and knew these people before and it’s such a crazy feeling but it just confirms to me that I was called to this work before this life in the pre-mortal existence.  We have a ridiculous amount of less actives and it feels like most of our time and focus is on reactivating them which is funny because that used to be me.  I’s a really great feeling to be able to relate to them directly and tell them that I really do understand and that that’s the reason I am here, for people like them.  In my studies this week, the scripture John 3:30 really stood out to me because I have been searching for more ways I can change to be a better person and missionary.  It reads, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  It is so simple, and yet, so powerful.  The Lord should always come first and even in my thoughts.  It is human nature to be self-centered but this just hit me and made me re-evaluate how much or how often do I really practice this? Without Christ, I am nothing so I need to put Him first and make Him everything.  Christ was never focused on Himself, he was always putting others first and that is something I want to develop.  Anyways, that’s all for this week!

I love you guys!

love, Hna Taylor

I think the first few months of a mission is supposed to be like a refiners fire…

Let me just start by sating that I think the first few months of a mission is supposed to be like a refiner’s fire.  I have been praying a lot to see my weaknesses so that I can turn them into strengths like Ether 12:27 invites us to do and let’s just say I didn’t realize how many weaknesses I really had before the mission.  One scripture that really helped give me perspective this week is Luke 12:34 and 3 Nephi 13:21, “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart be also.”  This helped me realize how little my materialistic possessions are really worth and how the gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be my greatest treasure.  I realized that my mindset has always been after money and what career will make me the most and things of that nature.  Although that is important to an extent, I’ve realized that money doesn’t always mean happiness.  I take comfort in the scriptures telling us that as long as we are doing what is right, we will never go without.  Anyways, my companion is so great and we laugh way too much together and she has hilarious jokes.  Also, she is so spiritually in tune with the people here and it is awesome!  We were teaching this lady who we were told her name is Margot and at the end of the lesson my companion called her Juana on accident and she looked at me with this terrified look like she had no clue where that came from and I started laughing so hard that I had to cover my face with a pamphlet.  But the next lesson we found out her name really is Juana!  We were so shocked because there is no way my companion could have known that.

The weirdest thing that has happened to me this week is that I have had 3 different people pet my hair out of no where.  I was walking down the street one day and a teenage boy pet my braid, haha WHAT??  So that’s new.  I’ve gotten proposed to twice this week and one even said he would convert for me if I married him.

The kids 10 and under are usually walking around naked in their houses and I’m always like, “AH!  Where do I look?”  So that’s how hot it is but you already knew that.

We served an old woman who just recently lost her vision and we cleaned her house and did her dishes but we had a really bad feeling in that house so we tried to clean fast and get out.  We made it a goal to do an act of service everyday and the things we’ve been able to do have been really good experiences and a great way to meet people.

We are currently infested with ants and they destroy everything!  You can’t even put food down for a few minutes with out it being taken over by ants.  We lose electricity every night…well…ok…we only have electricity in the mornings and a few hours at night and then you have to try to sleep in your puddle of sweat, haha.  Let’s just say that everyday I am being humbled more and more but it’s all about your attitude and it’s a lot easier when you learn to laugh and it’s a lot easier when you learn to laugh about everything.  Missionary work is called work for a reason, but I sure do love it!

I love you guys!  🙂


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