This week flew by…

DSC01530[1] chelsea#3This week flew by because we had so many meetings!  I’m having a hard time remembering things from this week which will make sense in a moment.  TOP 2 moments of the week: (1) we have a baptismal date with a lady, (the one I mentioned last week) Margot, and she has more life and energy in her pinky than most people do in their whole body.  I hope I’m that crazy one day.  (2) I have a new appreciation for the Spirit being able to communicate with me and how important it is to live worthily of receiving those promptings and acting on them!  My companion and I were teaching a couple we contacted for the first time and I was noticing all these  superficial things about the man that seemed really weird and the thought came to me that we needed to leave but I didn’t have any good evidence as to shy and I felt like it was just my brain being judgmental but my companion, luckily, is smarter than me and acted on her impression and we left.  (PS–this is a very condensed, Reader’s Digest version) My companion said she was justifying in her head too and thought she was just crazy but we were having the same promptings and I never realized how easy it can be to ignore a clear prompting from the Holy Ghost.  I learned to listen no matter how crazy it seems.

My lowest 2 moments of the week: (1) I lost my agenda in the street and that contains my life and notes of what happens everyday so that was sad.  My lowest moment is that I achieved the impossible of falling asleep in my chair sitting straight up in the middle of a conversation with my com.  Luckily she laughed really hard and was also impressed.

Other things from this week is that I have been experiencing VERY vivid deja vu and I know that I’ve been here and knew these people before and it’s such a crazy feeling but it just confirms to me that I was called to this work before this life in the pre-mortal existence.  We have a ridiculous amount of less actives and it feels like most of our time and focus is on reactivating them which is funny because that used to be me.  I’s a really great feeling to be able to relate to them directly and tell them that I really do understand and that that’s the reason I am here, for people like them.  In my studies this week, the scripture John 3:30 really stood out to me because I have been searching for more ways I can change to be a better person and missionary.  It reads, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  It is so simple, and yet, so powerful.  The Lord should always come first and even in my thoughts.  It is human nature to be self-centered but this just hit me and made me re-evaluate how much or how often do I really practice this? Without Christ, I am nothing so I need to put Him first and make Him everything.  Christ was never focused on Himself, he was always putting others first and that is something I want to develop.  Anyways, that’s all for this week!

I love you guys!

love, Hna Taylor


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