This week was not much of an improvement…

Well, I am sorry to say that this week is not much of an improvement from last week.  I was caring for my sick companion most of the week and taking her to doctor’s visits.  I call it ‘Mom training.’

I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences this week and you guys would be proud of my now-found navigating skills in a country where 90% of the streets don’t have signs.

We went to the temple this week and it was awesome, of course.  Here is a list of random things that happened this week:  My companion was punching me in the leg really hard so my reflexes kicked in and  I hit her in the face….and after an awkward moment, she laughed and high-fived me; I almost had to eat a chicken foot but I gave that great experience to my comp….and ok, that’s all I can think of for this week.  A lot of traveling and learning and A LOT of patience.

So far, this transfer has been building my strength spiritually and mentally.  I’ve learned that when we or others around us are murmuring (complaining), we cannot feel the spirit and are being the opposite of christlike.  I’ve also gotten to see the difference in people’s lives/attitudes when they are studying the scriptures everyday and when they are not.  If we are diligently feasting on the word, we will never fall away.

I love you guys!  🙂  That’s all I can think of.


Hna Taylor

PS-everyone is convinced I’m Mexican for the way I talk, eat, and look so…that’s that. haha

PSS—today we locked ourselves out of our house for 6 hours w/out a cellphone, BEST P-DAY EVER!!

chelsea #54 chelsea #59


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