Well, I am officially 23…

Well, I’m officially 23 and feel incredibly old after spending a day renewing my visa with the brand new, 18 year old elders.  No one believes I’m 23 so I guess that’s a good thing.  My investigators thought I was turning 17, haha, baby face problems.

We celebrated my b-day on p-day and went to the mall so I could eat Mexican food and Krispy Kreme.  (Two very important things for me.)  It was such a fun day and I think we all needed it.  For my actual birthday, we had meetings all day but at night the sister leaders threw me a surprise party at my investigators house because the daughter has the same birthday as me so it was really fun and nice to celebrate with a family.

My companion is sick again with a virus now and it makes your whole body ache and you pretty much turn into a zombie for a week until it passes.  Everyone in the house has had it this transfer except for me.  (birthday miracle!)  But I’m afraid I’m next.  So I’ve been going on exchanges to work in my area while my comp is at home dying.  We’ve been together for a month and only worked together maybe 7 days.  It’s a good thing I was a nurses aid before the missions because it is coming in handy with my sick comps!  They are calling me “mama Taylor” because I’m always nursing them back to health.  I realized that I’ve turned into Mom because while my comp is in bed dying and the other sisters are out working, I get so bored that I start making desserts with whatever I can find in the house and cheer everyone up with “goodies.”

We had a day of really strong rain and thundering and we went to work anyways and I think that’s why my comp is sick now.  The thunder was terrifyingly loud and we saw something in our neighborhood get electrocuted so we were trying to keep it cool and run to the house.  The sky was indescribable.  It was almost black on one side and white on the other.

I have had lots of time to study and have become obsessed with the book, Jesus the Christ.  I love learning more about history and the life of Christ and it has really helped my testimony grow more solid.  A couple of things I really liked from my studies was about sin and forgiveness.  While sin inevitably leads us away from God, weakness, ironically, can lead us toward Him in all things, not only when we are suffering.  Also, how do we know we are forgiven for our sins?  I read the other day that if we feel the Holy Ghost when we pray, read, testify, or any other moment, that that is our witness that we have been forgiven or the cleansing process is taking place, because the Spirit cannot dwell in an unholy tabernacle.  (Alma 7:21)  I love the simple answers we can find in the scriptures and love being able to share the happiness of this gospel with the people here.  I didn’t realize how much I would grow to love my investigators but I think a part of my heart will forever be Dominican.  But more than anything I’ve learned that EVERYTHING in our lives happens for a reason and all the experiences and trials we have is only preparatory for something in the future.  We are not able to see the eternal picture like our Heavenly Father but we have to put our faith in His plan and His timing and know that one day our trials will be of great use to us.  I see that everyday here!  The church is true!  I love you all muchisimo!  🙂


Hermana Taylor

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