Diosa and her 2 kids were baptized!!!

Diosa and her 2 kids were baptized!!!  I am so happy for them and it has been so amazing to be with this family from the very beginning until now.  I love them like family and especially Diosa, the mother.  She has had  such a hard journey in her life and a long series of unfortunate events but she manages to always fight through and find happiness.  We celebrated with them afterwards and had a fiesta at their house.

Aside from that, I’m sad to say that I finally got hit with the virus.  Save the best for last, right?  It pretty much turns you into a zombie and a number of things start going wrong with your body.  but it will pass and I will live.

The most awkward moment of the week was when a member asked me to accompany him to a couple’s activity. Haha.  I told him to ask someone without a plague.  We had interviews with President this week and I love the time I get to spend with him.  He’s so full of the Spirit but also so goofy and funny.  We were just talking about random stuff and then he decided to drop a bomb in my face by telling me that I will be TRAINING next transfer.  I was trying to talk him out of it because that’s terrifying and I barely know how to be a missionary myself!  Haha.  But he trusts me so next week I will be a mother!  AHHH!!! Also, I will be leaving my zone and white washing an area…so I’m hoping I can make it through next transfer without any gray hairs.  He says it’s perfect because I have a gift for not getting stressed so we will see about that.  I know I will learn a lot so I’m trying to get myself excited!  This week I’ve really learned the importance of having the Spirit with you, especially in lessons.  We’ve really been directed to contact great people by learning to listen to this voice and act.

Sorry this week is so short, but there wasn’t much else from this week.  I love you all and hope you are doing well!  I miss you guys a lot.


Hna Taylor

chelsea #50 chelsea #64


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