I’m alive!…

I’m alive!  I spent 2 days this week in the hospital to try to figure out what is wrong with me.  they are doing some tests and so far have discovered that I have a weird skin condition and  now I have a TON of food restrictions.  The climate here hates me!  They want me to stay out of the sun, but as a missionary that’s impossible!  So that was my excitement for the week… I had to say goodbye to chocolate and all processed foods, which pretty much broke my heart, but I guess this will help me lose weight  haha.

My companion is still having trouble adjusting to the culture here, but I am really learning so much about how to love as Christ loves.  I had a great quote sent to me last week by President Monson, “See men not just as they are, but as they may become.”  If we understand this, we will be quicker to love and to understand than to judge and be irritated.  READ THE SEPTEMBER LIAHONA MAGAZINE!  It is so good and really focuses on family and how to strengthen relationships.

Last night, we were in a lesson with a family about 20 minutes away from home and it worked like someone just flipped a switch with the rain.  I’ve never seen it rain so hard for so long.  We had to try to run home and all the streets were flooded.  At one point, the water was up to my calves.  We came home soaked to find that our apartment had flooded as well.  Let’s just say, life is a lot easier with a sense of humor. Haha.   That’s all for this week!

I can honestly say serving a mission is the BEST decision I’ve ever made!  I love you guys!

Con amor,

Hermana Taylorchelsea #56


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