This week was nothing too interesting…

This week was nothing too interesting.  We got rained out almost everyday and came home soaked all the time.  I’ve slipped 3 times so far in the street from the wet gravel so I”m sure that’s entertaining for my companion.  Life without my favorite foods is really challenging but I am trying to follow the doctor’s orders so I stop having problems.  I’ve tried to cheat a number of times but directly afterwards I feel like my stomach is being stabbed with knives so I’m being conditioned like a Pavlov experiment.

The work is pretty tough in this area.  We have more opposition here than ever before! People are telling their neighbors and the people we are teaching that we are a Satanic sect that worships Joseph Smith hahaha!  These are people that claim to know “everything about that church.”  We have a few people that are really progressing but are receiving a lot of opposition and don’t know how to respond to it.  The family of 5 that we are teaching is attending every church activity and want to get baptized!  The only problem is that the husband runs out of the house every time he sees us coming.  One day he will warm up to us haha….we just have to catch him first.  If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the stronger the wind pushes against us, the closer we are to something great.  It just means we have to work harder!  I’ve also learned that when I begin to think I know something, I realize I know absolutely nothing…but I love it because there is always something new to learn.

I love you guys!  I love being a missionary!

PS–It’s finally getting a tiny bit cooler!  Por fin!

Love, Hermana Taylorchelsea#14


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