Tomorrow is transfer day!

Tomorrow is transfer day!  I had no idea what what going to happen to me but I thought for sure I was finally going to leave my area.  So I told my favorite family to write down their information  because I think I’m leaving since I’ve been here for so long and they were crying.  Well guess what…this is really awkward because I’m staying again, haha.  Obviously there is still someone waiting for me to find them!  Hermana Rojas is leaving the zone and my new companion will be another new missionary.  I was really surprised to hear I’ll be training another newbie.  I still fell like I don’t know what I’m doing.  But I’m really excited to meet my second daughter!  haha.

So this week was kind of boring because my comp got a virus that made her die in her bed for most the week.  It’s mosquito transmitted.  We are all getting eaten alive here and bathing in repellent.

Tuesday was exciting because I went to the Dermatologist again and we got to go to the capital and eat American food!  It was a really cool experience because we were celebrating the “birthday month” of Hna Ortiz because she had just completed 14 months in the mission field.  I wanted to buy her lunch to celebrate, but we’re poor so I mostly just bought her stuff and something small for me.  We sat down and put our heads down to bless our food (which was only like 60 seconds) but when I lifted my head, someone had put a frosty in front of me.  I was so confused and trying to figure out who did it but no one even looked our way.  It completely made my day and Hna Ortiz said, “It’s a miracle!”   haha.  It’s funny how grateful we can be for the smallest things.

It also made me think how charitable it was that someone did this act of kindness without seeking recognition of their deed.  They didn’t post a picture about it or make sure to tell us it was them and I think that’s makes acts of kindness the most special.  When we do things without seeking recognition, we show our humility.  I am going to strive to be more like the mystery frosty person.  Also, I’ve been studying faith a lot and how faith is completely an action word.  We don’t just trip and fall into faith, we actively seek it and then have to spiritually exercise to keep it or get stronger.  Being a follower of Christ also is a decision we make everyday and our actions will emulate that choice.  I have also learned, more than ever that we choose our emotions.  Whether we are happy or sad, that is our choice.  It is the only thing we have control over in this life, our attitude.  We can also choose to lament over things that happened in the past, or we can leave the past where it belongs and construct a new future.  I am so thankful for that knowledge and the happiness I am able to experience as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I love you guys so much!  I hope your winter is less sweaty than mine!

Con amor,

Hna Taylorchelsea #81


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