This week flew by….

This week flew by but it was amazing because we had a miracle!  I’ve been teaching these 2 young girls (12 and 14)  with all my companions here ever since I got in this area about 6 months ago.  they are such great girls and I have seen them progress so much.  they are so prepared for baptism and usually  end up teaching us the lessons.  The problem is that their aunt/guardian wouldn’t give them permission to be baptized because she is super catholic.  Well after months of trying to win the heart of their aunt, she finally referred to me as “family”.  So I took that as my sign to get the permission.  We were with the Young Women’s President and decided to talk about the importance of baptism and we were all so nervous because the aunt is a very outspoken lady.  But as we began talking about it, she began expressing how she completely supports the girls in this decision and we were all shocked at how easy that was!  I was just thinking, “Is this real life??”  It was so crazy and exciting and even the girls had this terrified look of confusion on their faces .  I don’t think anyone expected that.  We are so excited to see them get baptized this Saturday!

Another high adrenaline moment of the week was when a dog charged at me ready to eat me alive and I saw my life flash before my eyes so I just turned my head, screamed and waited to feel the pain….but the next thing I knew, the owner jumped in in the knick of time.  It was absolutely horrifying!!  The weird moments of the week are when we got woken up at 4:30 am by a chanting mob outside with pots and pans.  People are crazy in December.  Also President told me I won the “most angelic” award in the temple, haha.  He’s crazy!  He said it’s because white really stands out on my ‘dark’ features.  I just started laughing because I was with a bunch of Latinas.  But hey, I’ll take it!


Anyway, 11 more days! 🙂  I love you guys!


Hna Taylor

chelsea #113



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