I will tell you about the most “excited” part of my week…

I will tell you about the most “exciting part of my week.  A couple tranfers ago, I was walking and it was really painful and felt like a sharp rock was stabbing my foot.  We tore up my shoe and found a needle in there just stabbing me every time a put pressure down.  That spot in my foot has been hard and painful ever since so I finally called the doctor about it because it was making me walk funny and affecting my knee.  So turns out, the tip of that needle was stuck in my foot and got infected!  They had to put a shot in my foot to numb it and then scoop it out.  I screamed pretty loud!! haha.  It was definitely the most pain I’ve had in the mission from a dumb little needle.  I wasn’t allowed  to walk for 2 days but everything is great now!

Other than that, there isn’t too much else to share from this week.  We’ve put some baptismal dates with 3 people and I’m really excited for them!  The church is about an hour away in walking distance so it’s really hard for people to get there.  It certainly takes more sacrifice here to get to the chapel and I admire all the faithful members!  I can’t imaging having to walk even 20 minutes to a church in Arizona.  I really love the people in this ward already.  I love that we are all just a big family as members of the church and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world!

I have a quote on my wall that says, “Joseph Smith had it worse, suck it up.”  We can’t even begin to compare our trials to Christ’s so we won’t even go there.  But sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in thinking about ourselves and how we have it so hard because we compare ourselves to others.  I’s hard not to get frustrated without water over here but then I remember all the things I DO HAVE and how blessed I really am!  I’ve really learned this week that our perspective and thoughts determine everything.  I hope you guys have a great week!  I love you!



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I can’t believe it’s 2016 already…

I can’t believe it’s 2016 already!  People were partying in our neighborhood until 7 AM on New Year’s Eve.  We had transfers this week and I’m now with Hna Tam from California and she’s great.  My new area is huge and pretty wealthy compared to where I was.  It feels so weird being around such nice houses after so long.  My new house is better than my last one for sure, but the only problem is that we don’t have WATER!  They’ve been without water for an entire month!  So one night we asked a neighbor for some water so we could shower and all that good stuff and we ended up hauling giant buckets of water from down the street late at night in the rain.  That was quite an experience.

On NYE, we ate with a member and some Elders and they had enough food to feed a small village so we left feeling like we were going to explode.  On New Year’s Eve morning, we got invited to have a “companionship study” with President Corbitt and his wife.  As we were studying, I kept pondering on the thought, “Do I fully comprehend my own nothingness without God?”  We studied faith and fear and how in order to have faith we must have complete confidence in Heavenly Father ad far as His plan, power, and love for us.  That’s when I realized that my mission is just another trial of my faith and the things I do here will effect my life and thoughts for eternity.  It gave me a lot more motivation to leave everything on the mission field and work harder than I ever have.  My companion goes home in 4 months so she feels the same way.  so we are starting off the New Year strong!

I love this quote by Pres. Monson, “You can accomplish whatever you believe you can accomplish.  Trust, believe and have faith.”  Easy as that.  Well, I hope you guys had a Happy New Year and that we can all accomplish our weight loss goals. 🙂  haha.

I love you guys!


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Speaking to you guys a few days ago…

Speaking to you guys a few days ago feel like a dream!  That was the best gift ever.  Hna Pancake and I had a great Christmas together and ate a lot of good food.  We had a giant activity on Christmas Eve with half the mission here and it was incredible!  We laughed so hard and I’m so thankful for a President with a good sense of humor.  At the activity, President pulled me aside and let me know that he is calling me as an Hermana Leader and that I’m finally leaving my zone!  I’m scared to leave “my nest” but it will be good.  Reflecting back on my time in the same area I really learned to love where I am and love the moment.  I feel that I was finally able to see why I was called to this area.  I’ve learned that I don’t know what these people need or what they’ve been through but the Lord does.  These people have truly entered my heart and feel like family so Christmas didn’t feel so lonely after all.

Something really cool that I experienced this week was with a less-active member.  All my time here in this area, missionaries had passed  down that we shouldn’t go visit this less-active guy because he is trouble.  I obeyed blindly, but about 2 weeks ago, I felt impressed to go visit him anyways (despite what I knew about him).  He is a kind and respectful young man who just needed to know that he is always welcome back in church and that his Heavenly Father loves and forgives him.  I didn’t expect much after that short visit but that following Sunday he came to church for the first time in almost a year! I felt so guilty that I had blindly listened to what others said about him and gained an even stronger testimony of forgiveness.  I, or anyone else for that matter, has no place to judge him and his past.  In order to be forgiven, we must forgive.  That was a powerful lesson to me and I am so glad I have been able to see others come back into the church by feeling the accepting love and mercy of the Savior and the support of the members.

I just love being a missionary so much!   I love you guys!


Hna Taylor