I can’t believe it’s 2016 already…

I can’t believe it’s 2016 already!  People were partying in our neighborhood until 7 AM on New Year’s Eve.  We had transfers this week and I’m now with Hna Tam from California and she’s great.  My new area is huge and pretty wealthy compared to where I was.  It feels so weird being around such nice houses after so long.  My new house is better than my last one for sure, but the only problem is that we don’t have WATER!  They’ve been without water for an entire month!  So one night we asked a neighbor for some water so we could shower and all that good stuff and we ended up hauling giant buckets of water from down the street late at night in the rain.  That was quite an experience.

On NYE, we ate with a member and some Elders and they had enough food to feed a small village so we left feeling like we were going to explode.  On New Year’s Eve morning, we got invited to have a “companionship study” with President Corbitt and his wife.  As we were studying, I kept pondering on the thought, “Do I fully comprehend my own nothingness without God?”  We studied faith and fear and how in order to have faith we must have complete confidence in Heavenly Father ad far as His plan, power, and love for us.  That’s when I realized that my mission is just another trial of my faith and the things I do here will effect my life and thoughts for eternity.  It gave me a lot more motivation to leave everything on the mission field and work harder than I ever have.  My companion goes home in 4 months so she feels the same way.  so we are starting off the New Year strong!

I love this quote by Pres. Monson, “You can accomplish whatever you believe you can accomplish.  Trust, believe and have faith.”  Easy as that.  Well, I hope you guys had a Happy New Year and that we can all accomplish our weight loss goals. 🙂  haha.

I love you guys!


Hna TaylorDSC03213




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