So….It’s finally happening….

So…It’s finally happening….everyone is asking me if I am Dominican!! WooHoo!  I’ve been waiting for this day haha.  The mission had interviews with President this week and those are by far the best days ever.  He is such an inspired man and it feels like spending time with a long lost friend.  I got to do an exchange with the sisters in the country about 2 hours away and it was really cool to see the other side of things since I’ve always been in the capital.   One thing I really felt impressed upon this week was that the secret to missionary work really is work!  I feel like as time goes by, I realize more and more why I am here and develop a better understanding of what a responsibility it is to do the Lord’s work.  The mission isn’t easy but nothing worth doing ever is.

My companion and I are getting along really well and have a lot of work to do in our huge area!  We have 2 baptisms planned for next Saturday.  This Sunday we decided to take the long journey with a couple of investigators all the way to church and  let me just say that I would walk faster than them with a broken leg!  But we were super grateful to have investigators at church so they can progress.

Fun fact for the week, you know you’ve lost your standards of cleanliness when you see bugs crawling on your food and instead of throwing it away, you just dust it off and eat it.  It’s crazy all the things I used to take fro granted back home!  It teaches you to be grateful for every little thing you have.  Well, talk to you all next week!  Love you!

Your favorite island girl,

Hna Taylor



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