This week was great…(two weeks in one)

This week was great!!  We had a couple of great experiences this week and this first one happened when we were walking down the freeway to the far side of our area.  This young man named Keudis stopped while on his motorcycle and we were thinking, “Oh great, what is this guy going to do?”  He told us that he has been looking for the missionaries because he’s been chatting online with the missionaries in Temple Square and has been reading the Book of Mormon and knows the church is true!  He was asking us when he could be baptized!  Why can’t everyone be like him?  haha  Sadly, he’s right on the border of our area so we don’t get to be the ones to teach him.  But we were so happy he found us so we could help him find a church building and continue learning.

Another night, we had no set plans and none of the people we are teaching were home.  So we were passing by a neighborhood looking for a lady and she also was not home.  As we were leaving the neighborhood, we saw a lady struggling to carry all of her groceries, so we ran over and took them out of her hands because people never want to let us serve them so we took advantage of the moment.  While walking to her house, we explained who we are and asked her if she heard of the church.  She said, “I was just talking about religion earlier today with some friends and yours came up in the conversation but I said I had never seen or met mormons.”  She kept saying how crazy it was that we found her the very same day.  We told her that she can tell her friends that she now knows two mormons.  haha  The best part is that she is super interested in learning about our message so we will be returning to teach her.  It’s amazing how the Lord really does place us where we need to be in the right moment.

One great piece of advice I received this week from a member is to work as if everything depends on you and pray as if everything depends on Him.  This week has been full of little miracles.

One awkward/funny moment of the week was when we got fed lunch at a random house of a woman we just barely met.  She served us the classic Dominican plate of rice, beans and meat.  Except the meat on my plate was straight FAT!  It was all jiggly flubber and I was TERRIFIED to eat it but I knew I had to so I didn’t offend her.  So I ripped them into smaller chunks and smothered them with rice and then swallowed each chunk whole like a pill.  Haha.  It was slippery and rubbery enough that it just slid right down.

Well, that’s all for this week!  Love and miss you guys!


Hna Taylor


This week we were busy with meetings and preparing for the Noche Blanca.  A lot of small weird things happened to us to keep this interesting.  We got stuck in traffic here before a meeting and it took us an hour to move down a small street.  We ended up sitting in a tiny car with 7 people jammed in there and all of us sweating and the car was turned off since we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  We ended up contacting the whole car and had a mini lesson in there which was funny and cool.  We also contacted the house of a lady who is a 7th day Aventist and just wanted to fight over which day is the Sabbath.  I hate contending but Hna. Tam likes it so I let her take that one.  It ended with the lady standing up and pointing her finder in our faces…it got really awkward but it was a hilarious conversation because Hn. Tam is so sassy.  We thought maybe they poisoned the juice they gave us after that, haha, just kidding!    The Noche Blanca was a success!  We baptized 20 people that night as a zone and it was really amazing to see that many people take the name of Christ upon them.  Our baptisms fell through because they don’t feel “ready.”  So that was a bummer but it was still a great night.

I’ve been pondering Leviticus 19:18 about loving thy neighbor as thyself.  It’s so true that if we treat others as we’d like to be treated we will automatically keep the commandments and our covenants.  I see why that is one of the most important laws of God and have definitely seen the belssing of trying to live that better in my life.  I can’t believe it’s February!  Love you!


Hna. TaylorDSC03280


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