Transfers was this week…

Transfers was this week.  Hna Bocanegra is Mexican but from Utah and she’s awesome.  We have been focusing all our efforts this week to strengthening the ward members and it is helping soooo much!  People are so excited to know all of them and we’ve gotten to offer so much service and love them.  And they pay us back in delicious Dominican food.  I haven’t had to buy food all week if that gives you a clue, haha.

We thought the rain season was over but nope!  We have been soaked head to toe 2 days in a row now and had to go around all day drenched.  Also, I learned running in the pouring rain with crocs on is never a smart idea and to never ever leave the house without an umbrella.  The bus we rods today had water leaking through the roof so bad that we were still getting rained on in a vehicle!  haha! Sometimes in the mission I ask myself, “Is this real life?”

Our area is struggling quite a bit because it is so big and far away from everything but we are seeing the fruits of our labor little by little  and have a 17 year old girl named Hilary who is SO ready for baptism and told us this weekend that she has received her answer that this church is true and meeting with her is always so exciting because she has such a powerful testimony.

I have been studying a lot this week on the family and the importance of having strong relationships here on earth because the state that we leave them in this life is how they will continue to be in the next.  There are a lot of families here struggling to stay together and I’ve received a lot of marriage and parenting advice this past week from leaders that just made me truly realize the importance of unity in the home.  I am so thankful for this experience and can’t believe how fast time is flying!

PS…funny moment of the week:  an old lady accidentally made us a pineapple and onion juice, haha!  And we all just drank it anyways.


Love you,

Hermana Taylor



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