This week has be JAM PACKED….

This week has been JAM PACKED of mission meetings but we still managed to see a couple miracles in our area!  Last P day we said goodbye to the doctors here who have finished their mission and they gave us great advice on life, marriage, and parenthood.  Then they handed us 500 pesos to go buy lunch!  WOOHOO!  That was such a blessing for us poor missionaries…we got all teary eyed.  I guess we are easy to please.

My favorite insight that I received from one of our meetings was when we were discussing how to be better members of the church when we return and apply all our knowledge instead of let it all go to waste by falling into old habits.  We were discussing how we need to develop good judgement here so that we have that skill upon our return and CHOOSE to be obedient instead of do it because the white handbook says so.  When we learn to love the commandments and laws of God, that is when we become truly converted.  Before doing anything we should ask ourselves, “Will this bring me closer to my Heavenly Father?”  If the answer is no…DON’T DO IT.  It was a great meeting.

Exciting news about investigators, this girl, Viangi, who is 20 and very intelligent, FINALLY accepted the invitation to be baptized!  Her mom and sisters have been members for 4 years and have been hoping and praying for this day to come.  I almost cried.  It was so exciting.  I have asked her 2 times already, last transfer, if she would take this step and she always rejected us and said she just isn’t ready to commit to a church.  But this time when we asked, I was pretty nervous since she’s already rejected me enough times, but she accepted so easily!  Everything about her has changed since then.  She is so much happier and smiling and laughing all the time.  It’s incredible to see the happiness of her family when we announced the baptism in sacrament.  She didn’t even tell her family yet so her mom was freaking out and it was the cutest thing ever.

That’s about all I can think of for this week.  I’ve never been so tired in my life as this transfer has made me.  I need nap time to become a thing.

I love you guys!!

Hermana Taylor


Sorry, not much to write this week but it was a great one!  We were soooo busy and had a baptism of Viangie yesterday!  She is wonderful!  I will share more stories next week.

The church is true and I absolutely LOVE this work.  I am being continuously converted each day.


Love you all!

Hna TaylorDSC03487


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