This week was a roller-coaster….

This week was a roller-coaster.  A lot of highs and lows.  We spent a lot of time waiting for meetings to start here and end up starting hours after the planned event so that is quite frustrating to the work.  But the ward is so great and full of motivation and energy!  We went to the temple as a mission and every time I go there I learn something new but this time I feel like I learned substantially more than normal!  It was wonderful.  I love the feeling of peace I experience in there and wish that everyone could feel that with me!

The members in the ward are actually telling that I look like I’ve lost weight!  So that’s a first haha.  I hope that continues!  But the past two weeks have just been full of meetings and craziness so I don’t have too many stories, unfortunately.  (Also, all the days start to mesh together as one so I am really good at forgetting everything).  But one really funny story from last week was that we accidentally broke the Word of Wisdom.  Members here don’t understand that tea is something we don’t drink and get very offended when we tell them we can’t drink that.  Long story short, we ended up distracting the lady and tossing the tea in a plant when she wasn’t looking.  That was an adrenaline rush!  haha

One great quote I saw the other day was, “If you change nothing at all, nothing will ever change.”  That’s so applicable to so many different things.  We can’t not expect us to make positive changes without putting in a little effort.  Faith is what leads us to action.  We do not just stumble into success, or a testimony, or a healthy body…it is all with effort and change.

I’m terrified for summer because it is already crazy hot here.  So please enjoy the nice weather there for me!  I miss you guys a lot and love  you tons!


Hna Taylor




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