This area is so dang big….

This area is so dang big it is killing our bodies.  My comp has knee problems and I have hip problems.  I guess that’s how you know you are getting old…in age or the mission haha.  Most of our days are spent walking in the blazing heat and contacting people.  We have 7 active members in our giant area so getting references is not an easy task.  We are trying to be creative here so we are focusing a lot on the less active people in the area.  There aren’t many but the few that we have are so great!  I’ve grown to love them so much, while visiting one woman, she asked us to sing for her (because, you know, every missionary is a fabulous singer, rumor has it.)  So we sang for her and her autistic son came running down the stairs with his hands over his ears, screaming, trying to get us to stop.  We finished and said, “Wow, sorry, we must be awful singers.”  haha He’s just really sensitive to sounds.

We got to meet with Bro. Richard Turley Jr who is the assistant church historian and it was mind blowing!  I want to go to the church history museum now.  We got to see journals of Joseph Smith and old photos.  It was such a great experience and definitely solidified (not that it was needed) my testimony in the restoration.  This week has been another crazy one but we’ve had some great experiences.  I grow to love my mission more and more each day and I know everything I go through is only preparation for something in the future. I testify of the love Christ has for all of us and the love our Father in Heaven has for all His children.  He truly knows us individually and answers our prayers.  There is no one more loving, understanding, and forgiving and I’m so thankful I can talk to Him whenever I like!

I love you guys so much! Have a great week!


Hermana Taylor



Wow…this week has flown by.  Is it just me or does time seem to go faster and  faster?  So, fun fact I learned this week, the band Imagine Dragons are all active members!  That is so awesome!  We had a leadership meeting this week and my favorite thing I took away this time was to ask myself at the end of EACH day, “Did I finish THIS day with honor?”  We all want to finish our lives, missions, whatever it may be with honor but sometimes we look so far in the future that we forget to finish each day honorably.

We’ve had a lot of strange occurrences this week, including the girl we were going to baptize yesterday disappearing off the face of the planet.  I taught my first lesson in English and it felt so foreign but I loved it.  We had a noche blanca yesterday and while we were setting up a live feed camera, I was standing in front of it not knowing it was already broadcasting in front of the entire congregation and so a lot of people came running into the room teasing me for what I was doing on camera…talk about embarrassing!!  My comp and I also did a last minute musical number with the 2 zone leaders in front on everyone and they all were saying, “Wow Taylor, I didn’t know you were a singer!”  Maybe a decent voice is something I got blessed with as a missionary!  haha Because I would definitely never receive a comment like that at home.

It’s been another great week as a missionary.  I can definitely say I am Dominican de corazon.  I love these crazy people so much.  I hope you all have a great semana santa!  It will be crazy here.

Love you all,

Hna Chelsea Taylor


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