Transfer week!!  So we received our transfer call and we thought that it was a joke so we called 3 other people to make sure this wasn’t some elaborate joke.  I am staying with Hna Bocanegra and and we are being called to white wash Bayaguana.  It’s about 3 to 4 hours from the captial and very solitary.  They told us to say goodbye to grocery stores and getting mail.  President said we will be the campecina or “hillbillies”. haha.  We are two city girls being tossed out into an elders area so it’ll be a fun adventure.

Semana santa is crazy and the equivalent of spring break in the states.  People were partying all day Friday and Saturday and everyone pulled out a blow up pool to party with their neighbors.  The famous food of semana santa is habicheulas con dulce.  That is basically ground up beans with sugar, raisins, patata, and a few crackers in it.  It is actually really good!  They eat it for basically every meal this week.

Fun event of the week was getting a shot in the hip because my body is angry with me an d how much we walk every day.  One day we walked for 8 hours!

My favorite thing from this week was a quote that Hna Bocanegra found saying, “I can forgive but I cannot forget” is another way of saying, “I cannot forgive.”  I love the simplicity of that statement because I used to say that all the time.  Now, however, I realize that if we truly forgive others and ourselves, we WILL forget the things that were said or done and move on with our lives feeling less weight on our shoulders and more overall happiness.

I love this work and I know it is more important than anything else I could be doing with my time.  Thank you for always supporting me!  I love you!

Con Amor,

Hermana Chelsea Taylor


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