This week has been so crazy!!

This week has been so crazy!  White washing is no walk in the park…I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed, but it’s okay.  We are hoping to see miracles!

We just walk all day trying to find people to teach because we have NO ONE in our teaching pool that we were left with.  It’s like starting over.  In church we had 11 people present.  It is such a drastic change.  I am excited to see what we can do though!

Funny moments of the week: random old man trying to hug me and me running away, the house smelling like cow poop all the time, and a giant carnival during conference so we couldn’t hear anything.

Love to you all!!

Hna Taylor


This week was a great week of WORK.  I missed just working without any meetings getting in the way.  We had so much success this week and treaded through LOTS of water.  It rains a lot more in the campo so it is a lot more humid but it gets cool at night.

This week we had 22 people in church which is huge since last week we only had 11.  This week while we were contacting, we entered this huge farm property and were so amazed at all the cows and horses and wildlife.  Then we saw this huge bull and it was pretty close to us and we shortly later realized the gate to separate us from him was wide open.  My companion freaked out and ran into the house we were attempting to contact and the bull was frightened and started coming out of the gate.  Then there I am trying to freeze like a statue hoping that it won’t see me haha.  Luckily, we froze there for a minute wondering who was going to make the first move and the bull turned and walked away.  PHEW!!

Also, here in the campo is where they burn trash so almost everyday it is raining ashes and we try not to inhale it because it is very harmful to our insides and our eyes.  But to everyone else it is normal and the kids are out in the street trying to catch the ash flakes haha.  So it’s a bit of an adjustment.

It’s incredible how each day I feel like my faith in Jesus Christ grows.  It is so humbling to be His instrument and His mouthpiece while doing His divine work.  I know I am where Heavenly Father needs me and I’ve never been so sure that He is aware of ALL of His children.  There is truly no happier way to live than in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Never forget that he loves you and understands you better than everyone ever could!  I just want everyone to feel the joy that I have.  🙂

Have a great week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Taylor

ps–the birthday picture is for Kaitlyn! Happy 9th birthday!


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