Campo life is the best but hardest thing of my life….

Campo life is the best but hardest thing of my life.  It is SO beautiful and clean here!  The people are more open and we feel so much love!  It is so GREEN here.  This is what I always imagined the Dominican Republic to look like.  It’s more challenging than any other area I’ve had because the church is still developing.  However, it is such a privilege to be able to help this small branch grow.  We are seeing so many miracles and people are opening their doors to us who later told us that they rejected the Elders when they tried to share with them a long time ago.  It just reassures me that wherever we go is inspired by the Lord.  He knows who needs us.  I feel my faith has grown so much in this area.  It is easy to get down and discouraged with the way things are here but I have definitely learned that attitude is EVERYTHING.  We choose to love where we are and to make the most of our time here.

So the campo life doesn’t have many options as far as places to go or things to see so last p-day we traveled 30 minutes to a gas station to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  That was the highlight of our week. haha.  We don’t have many food options or stores so I barely get to eat.  People have been commenting that I look thinner than when I got here so that’s a plus!  Heavenly Father really does answer prayers…..haha jokes, jokes.

We had a “sleepover” at President’s house so we could attend a leadership meeting in the morning and it was like sleeping in a hotel!  It was magnificent.  I am so thankful for my president.  One simple thing that he said this week that really impacted me was, “Everyone need forgiveness.”  Such basic truth but sometimes we forget that.  No one deserves to be seen for the worst thing they’ve ever done.  I truly stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me.

Awkward moment of the week:  we travel a lot on buses since we live so far from everything and on one of our 2 hour rides home I almost fell asleep on a strange man’t shoulder!  haha.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open…I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling tired.

Con amor,

Hermana Taylor


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