Well let me just share some fun….

Well let me just share some fun experiences from this week because it’s been a wild week.  1.  We learned fireflies are attracted to light because we were teaching in the dark and used our flashlights and one came directly at our faces and my companion smacked it with her hymn book and it came back at her like a ping pong ball…everyone was screaming and running away but it’s just a little firefly!  haha!

2.  We have  baptisms coming up this Saturday!  Filo and Leidi.  They are grandma and granddaughter and the cutest ever!  Filo was a grumpy old lady when we met her and she has warmed up to us so much and now she can’t stop laughing and smiling when we are around.  They have been a huge miracle for us and are SO PREPARED.  She had to give up some addictions, which is usually a hard process to get people to agree it is necessary, and she just agreed right off the bat and dropped everything the next morning!  WHAT?? The Lord prepares His children.

3.  We are teaching a group of mechanics whom we call “the lost boys” from Peter Pan.  haha!  There are 10-15 young men from ages 17-30 and are so receptive!  It was honestly surprising because I’ve never taught any young men in my mission due to them being “freco” or flirty.  but these boys actually listen!  We made it a goal to teach men beacuse our little branch only has 4 men over the age of 18.  Two of them even came to church!  YAY!  They are all pretty rowdy so one night we sang and prayed with them and the silence was incredible!  They all folded their arms and bowed their heads and it was so reverent!  I was in shock and we could all feel the Spirit.  Also, they all live on our street so now we have a little gang that will protect us, haha.

That’s about all the interesting things I can think of for this week.  Oh, and I hit my 1 year mark!  Last 6 months.  🙂 Time to work harder than ever!!!


your favorite Caribbean missionary.


Best/most interesting moments of the week:

1. My companion has amebas (type of parasite) and we spent a day in the hospital while lighting struck down in Bayaguana about 3 times. It sounds like the end of the world each time it rains lately. It is cyclone season.
2. WE KILLED A TARANTULA. Yes, you read that right. We came home one day and it was chillin there on our wall so we had a long process of attempting to kill it. We through everything from books to clorox on it and nothing. I ended up taping a frying pan to a broom and smacking it a thousand times while screaming until it was dead. That was a first!
3. We got invaded by moths/flying ants? We aren’t sure what they are but it was like a plague and I just hid under my sheets.
4. We had 2 baptisms!!!! It was such a miracle with them and they were so prepared. The funniest part of it was that the older woman had to be dunked 4 times because her foot kept coming up and then her granddaughter was only dunked once. She later asked, “I had to go under 4 times because I had more sins than Leidi, right?” hahaha!! We couldn’t stop laughing and explained that it was because of her foot. She is hilarious. I love them so much! She’s like a crazy, Dominican grandma 🙂
Living here in Bayaguana is basically like camping…………… EVERY DAY. Our shower water is green and we rarely have water. (thank goodness for wet wipes) But the campo is so beautiful! One thing that really stuck out to me this fast and testimony meeting was this, “Am I embarrassed to testify of Christ and how great He is? Will He be embarrassed to testify of ME in front of the Father at the last day?” We should never be afraid to share our testimonies! I’m always a chicken but I know that that is how our testimonies will grow and other people can feel the spirit through our experiences. We don’t know how powerful our stories really are.
I love everyday I have as a missionary!
Hermana Taylor



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