Transfer week!

Transfer week! My companion, Hna Jean, speaks 4 languages and goes home at the end of this transfer! So…. I just have to really work on not getting trunky with 2 dead comps back to back haha. But she is great and the sweetest girl ever! She is turning 25 so it´s cool being the young one for once.

This week hasn´t been too exciting because I¨VE BEEN DYING. It all started last week with a cold and each day I worked in the rain, I got worse….. obviously, right? Who taught me to tough it out and be a man and that we are never really sick..?? (cough dad cough) (I was just doing it for my future husband…. haha jokes… kinda) ANYWAYS, the doctor thinks I have bronchitis and get pretty mad that I was trying to work in my condition so I got locked in for a couple days. I am slowly getting better and have gotten so desperate that I am making weird teas out of leaves Dominicans give me haha.
It was voting week here so it was pretty hectic until they announced the winner today. Everything should return to normal soon. Bayaguana is still as campo as ever and needs a LOT of work but, I know I was called to this area for a reason and hope I am a sufficient tool in the Lord´s hands to bring the gospel to the loving people here. The people are truly so loving and welcoming in the campo and I love that! Still learning lessons everyday and seeing that the Lord is preparing the hearts of all the long time investigators of the church. It is so awesome to get to see them decide to FINALLY accept the gospel in their lives after so many years of indecision. I love this work!
I am so excited for my baby brother, Cameron to get his call and know that a mission is the BEST decision anyone could make because it will completely change your life! AHHH!
Anyways, until next week.
Hermana Taylor

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