This week has been FULL…

This week has been FULL of meetings and barely any time in our area! We were visited my Elder Hugo Martínez of the Seventy and it was awesome to learn from him! My favorite insight from him was his definition of a friend. A friend is someone who makes living the gospel easier. If they do not, they are not a friend.

We had some funny mission news for the sisters here in the Caribbean area. We can wear dress pants! We would look like elders. It is because the mosquitos are carrying a lot of dangerous diseases that is attacking many missionaries. Luckily, I haven´t gotten one yet, but I am getting eaten alive. It is so painful being so itchy all the time!
Funny story of the week: a little girl at church asked me if I had chicken pox. I told her no and asked, “why?” She pointed to my freckles on my arms hahahaha. I just said, “Don´t worry, this is normal for white people.”
I love you all and am so excited for Cameron to be serving the people in Washington!!! I still can´t believe my baby brother is going to be a missionary and serve the Lord!
Hna Taylor

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