Transfers were last week!…

Transfers were last week! I received a new companion, Hermana Simpson from Utah. She is blonde so the people will go crazy haha. She is really cool and we get along really well. She is going to help me try to slim down before I go home….. either that or cave into temptation with me. Who knows. So I am still here in the campo… Heavenly Father sure has a funny way of teaching me patience.

I feel like all my days are the same over and over so it´s hard to remember if anything interesting or slightly different happened. I´m officially the 5th oldest missionary, time wise. So that feels really weird! I feel like I just got here!
We have had a ton of tropical storms passing through here! It gets kind of scary. We got caught in the middle of one while proselyting one day and had to take cover for a good 30 mins until we decided to make a run for it and go home. As soon as we got close to our house though, the rain stopped. So that was a little frustrating haha but we choose to laugh at all of our unlucky situations. We were drenched. I have never seen rain come down so hard. We were in a lesson and the wind blew the door down. Talk about a storm! But they say missionaries who work in the rain have cuter husbands, right? Doin for you, babe! haha jokes jokes… kinda…
That is all for now, but, I love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana Taylor
ps…. this is a collection of photos from the past 3 weeks.. my camera got fixed!

This week has been quite normal…

This week has been quite normal so no crazy stories… but there was one thing that happened this week! We had an earthquake!! I was laying in my bed and it felt like someone was violently shaking my bed out of no where. It was pretty strange but kinda funny.

I really loved this week in our stake conference what the stake president said. He said, “One who says he loves the Lord and does not love his fellow man is aLIAR. One cannot love the Lord without loving those around him.”
The church is true and I love you all!
Hermana Taylor
ps…. I have a virus on my camera so my photos are lost for now until I figure out a way to fix it 😦

First of all, shout out to Garrett….

First of all, shout out to Garrett for turning 16! Happy birthday!! 🙂

This week was full of weird moments. Let me share my favorite three.
1. I got really sick after eating with a member but have a quote on my wall that Jesus went out and worked when he was suffering and afflicted so I should too and yadda yadda yadda…. so I forced myself to leave and half way down the road there I was sitting on the curb, in the rain, unable to walk any further. My companion was getting a good laugh out of my pain so that was nice haha. Apparently I was walking like “una loca.”
2. The fire alarm started going off at bedtime one night…. right at 10:30. We freaked out thinking there is a fire…. nothing. We disactivated it magically but 10 minutes later it turned back on. Well, I´m not the most patient person in the world so the third time it went off, I got on a chair, ripped it off the wall and slammed it on the ground. My companion was there cheering me on haha. No one interrupts bedtime…
3. I BORE MY TESTIMONY FOR FAST AND TESTIMONY MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! I immediately got so nervious and my voice was shaking so bad (you´d think I´m a missionary or something) and I thought I was gonna pass out so I leaned against the wall and bore my testimony. When I sat down I couldn´t feel my arms and thought I was just gonna fall over in my chair haha. WHAT A RUSH. So that was a huge accomplishment for me.
Truly, I just wanted to express my love for my Savior and Redeemer. I realized that if He were there in that sacrament meeting, I would want Him to know how deeply I love and appreciate him and KNOW that His gospel is true. I now have a testimony of testimonies and that they grow stronger each time we share it. I know that my Lord, Jesus Christ, lives! 🙂
I love you guys and this wonderful, life changing work.
Hermana Taylor
The campo is a refiner´s fire at its finest. At times you want to cry from the conditions and other times you never want to leave the insanity because…. well, it sure makes for some great stories.

We had 2 baptisms this week of two 14 year old girls named Yacaira and Yocaira. It was a Noche Blana for the campo so we had a big baptism with our district which includes 3 other companionships. Here´s how baptism day began: no preisthood able to be present, no running water in the church to fill the font, no baptismal clothing, and no transportation to get our girls to Monte Plata (45 mins away) for the service.  We all put our brain power together and before we knew it, we had a water truck outside hauling in water to fill the font and 2 elders climbing in the ceiling vents to break into a locked room to grab the baptismal clothing. Everything fell together in the knick of time and we had a successful Noche Blanca, campo style.
Other funny moments of the week: A 9 year old girl in one of the families we are teaching said the prayer and included, “bless the drunks and the crazies.” It was classic. We also had a baptism in the middle of district meeting last week and it was the day we realized that baptisms are, in a sense, like weddings. We apply Murphy´s Law and see that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
Nonetheless, we had a great week and learned so much in leadership meeting this week! I realized how much more consecrated to this work I can and should be. I am a missionary 24-7 and should never stop doing my Heavenly Father´s work, even on my P-day´s. If we want more blessings, we must be more consecrated. I love leadership counsel days! They always make me want to be a better missionary.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Taylor
ps…. sorry there are no photos.. the computer is having some technical difficulties

This week Loren was baptized!

This week Loren was baptized! It was such a special day and showed us how much baptism can soften one´s heart. The grandmother of Loren never had much interest in listening to us but we convinced her to come to the baptism. She came and said, “This is the most perfect baptism I´ve ever seen. I´m going to get baptized in your church one day, too.” MIRACLES!!! (side note- she started clapping after the service and it was awkward and we were trying not to laugh haha)

Fun facts of this week:
I sang a duet with a Brazilian pop star. So that´s new haha. I think the Lord knew I needed a decent voice to attract people here.
We brought investigators to the baptism (2 sisters of 14 years old) and they both flipped off the other branch members while we were leaving and I had to give them a lecture afterwards on clean language and proper manners…. Lots of mother training and patience building…
There is a rumor going around our area that if you get baptized in our church that you can go to the US hahaha… looks like I´ll be telling people I´m from Australia from now on.
I love this work and I love learning everyday! I kind of have mini panic attacks when I think that soon this will all end. Until then, I will be making the best of everyday! Love you all!
Con amor,
Hna Taylor
ps- sorry some of the pictures have some weird effect on them… the 9 year old girl put that effect on my camera and I didn´t realize it until today.. oops.