This week Loren was baptized!

This week Loren was baptized! It was such a special day and showed us how much baptism can soften one´s heart. The grandmother of Loren never had much interest in listening to us but we convinced her to come to the baptism. She came and said, “This is the most perfect baptism I´ve ever seen. I´m going to get baptized in your church one day, too.” MIRACLES!!! (side note- she started clapping after the service and it was awkward and we were trying not to laugh haha)

Fun facts of this week:
I sang a duet with a Brazilian pop star. So that´s new haha. I think the Lord knew I needed a decent voice to attract people here.
We brought investigators to the baptism (2 sisters of 14 years old) and they both flipped off the other branch members while we were leaving and I had to give them a lecture afterwards on clean language and proper manners…. Lots of mother training and patience building…
There is a rumor going around our area that if you get baptized in our church that you can go to the US hahaha… looks like I´ll be telling people I´m from Australia from now on.
I love this work and I love learning everyday! I kind of have mini panic attacks when I think that soon this will all end. Until then, I will be making the best of everyday! Love you all!
Con amor,
Hna Taylor
ps- sorry some of the pictures have some weird effect on them… the 9 year old girl put that effect on my camera and I didn´t realize it until today.. oops.

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