This week we had an awesome experience….

This week we had an awesome experience with prayer. We were getting a little worried about our goals for this month because we are all supposed to find and baptize a family or 3 people and we don´t have many potentials right now. BUT, we prayed one day before leaving to find a family that is prepared to accept our message and that same day we found a family that had been investigating the church 23 years ago! Crazy! I know Heavenly Father is listening to our prayers and answers us when we ask for specific things.

We had some funny experiences this week as we were proselyting. I decided that we should take a short cut to a lesson through a dirt trail and next thing we knew, our shoes were buried in mud. They became so heavy from the mud stuck to the bottom of them that we could barely make it back to the road without losing our shoes. We were dying laughing and the lady we are teaching ended up washing our shoes. It was a kind-of Jesus moment, I guess haha. So…. no more short cuts.
We went to the temple this week and each time we go I feel like my brain explodes from the knowledge I gain! Especially because we get to pick the brain of Pres. Corbitt afterwards. I always end up translating for Hna Corbitt which makes it harder for me to pay attention fully but it was still incredible.
Anyways, church is true. love you all.
Hermana Taylor

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