The secret to missionary work is…

“The secret to missionary work is WORK.”

We had a really great week and found a family of gold, family Sosa. They are so sincere in their desire to learn. The wife prayed at the end of our second lesson together and asked so genuinely if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. It was so powerful! We always ask people to do this but they never quite understand, but this woman did and her prayer was so full of the spirit. My companion and I were both teary eyed. They are very special. They own a small market attached to their house and run it everyday so we knew it would be a challenge for them to attend church. The wife said, “Well, we can just close it for an hour to go to church and then the Lord will probably bless us with double the sales afterwards.” WHAT. We never even had to teach them about the sabbath day, she just knew.

While on an exchange this week, we saw lightning hit ground! It was so loud and scary. The rain has been so strong this cyclone season.

We also just had an earthquake today and all the power went out…. in the middle of writing you guys, actually haha.

We had a game night with the branch on Friday and only one adult came with 5 children so we played Uno and everyone goes crazy during that game! All the kids started fighting and crying when they weren´t winning. I felt like I was babysitting haha.

Normally when it starts raining really hard, someone nearby has us run into their house to take cover. Yesterday, we got invited into a birthday party of an 85 year old. It was awesome. We crashed their party and got soda and cake. Woohoo!

It´s been a really great week and we are really seeing the small miracles and blessings poured upon us by the Lord!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Taylor

photos: eating apple pie for 4th of july! last holiday before I come home! ah!

eating mango…. the best thing in this country in the summer.




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