The week of meetings….

The week of meetings.

We barely had time in our area with all the meetings and exchanges we’ve had this week. I spent a solid 4 days outside my area… that is not easy when you are trying to find people to baptize this month!
We had a really funny experience this week and I PROMISE I am not always sick. In fact, I am rarely sick. But when it hits, it hits hard. I got really sick to my stomach in the middle of proselyting one night and ended up sitting on the curb to let the pain subside. An old investigator was outside and saw us and invited us in because she saw the look of death in my eyes. So we sat down and I was sweating bullets and almost in tears… and I’ve never cried from any mission illness so this is serious stuff. She gave me a mystery pill and I took it because I was desperate and told her we were going to try to walk home. I used Hna Simpson as my crutch and couldn’t even stand straight. Everyone who saw us freaked out and was trying to get a motorcycle to take us to the hospital but I told them, “no, no!” In the end, we let someone with a car drive us home and everyone was calling us wondering if I had died or something. SO DRAMATIC. But my loving companion helped me and laughed at me the entire time haha.
On a spiritual note, this week I heard this from our stake president, “The mission is not the best 18 months of your life, but for your life.” I couldn’t agree more.  I have learned more in these past 15 months than I have in all my 23 years of existence.
The mission may be an emotional rollercoaster at times but I sure wouldn’t trade it for the world!
Love you all,
Hermana TaylorDSC04153

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