This week was full of ups and downs….

This week was full of ups and downs as we were trying to prepare Jan Carlos for baptism. We experienced a lot of miracles but realized that in the end, everyone has the agency to chose for themselves between the good and the bad. Unfortunately, now is not Jan’s time.

Also, this week we experienced a cyclone and an earthquake! FUN! haha.
Fun story of the week: we have been teaching Nerson that while others are speaking in church, he needs to be reverent and quiet. He comes from a different religious background where it is common to regularly shout, “amen!” and “glory to God!” He has been doing really well at being quiet in church but yesterday in the new investigators class, everyone was saying “amen” and “glory to God” throughout the entire lesson…. even recent converts! hahahaha nooooo! We just covered our faces and died of laughter. We tried.
Something I have been trying to make apart of my daily thoughts is a quote I found from an apostle, “How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?” I have learned to pray and thank Heavenly Father for my trials instead of begging Him to lift them. I know we are given them for a reason and it is our best opportunity to show God that we have faith in Him, His power, and His timing. We wouldn’t be who we are without our hardest trials.
I love this gospel!
Hermana Taylor

This week was the baptism of Nerson.

This week was the baptism of Nerson. He is so sweet and he is doing so well and learning so much. That same night, we have a devotional at our stake building with Sister Marriott and Sister Burton of the general relief society and young women’s. It was incredible and we learned so much about marriage and family. They were like celebrities afterwards and people were running up to get a photo with them. We sat in the front and had hopes to meet them but we patiently waited our turn. Right when we got up to them, they said no more. All us missionaries got rejected and it broke our hearts haha but it’s ok, I’m sure they were overwhelmed with all the kisses and photos.

Before the mission, I always thought humility came in the form of poverty, but here I have learned that is not the case. I have met some of the most humble, servicial people here who are middle class and give all they have to help others. The president of our relief society always makes extra food and gives it to anyone who passes by. I admire her charity so much and realize how much more reason I have to give.
We went to the Zoo today and it was awesome! I love my tourist P-days. My awkward moment of the week was when we were eating lunch together as a zone and the man serving the beans poured scalding hot beans on my hand and I had to hold my scream. I now have lovely burn marks all over my hand.
That’s all for this week! I love you all and can’t believe I will be seeing you all so soon! I don’t think I am ready for the culture shock but I sure am ready to hug you!
Hermana Taylor

I love Alma Rosa! It was a great week getting to know my new area and companion. I love them both. It’s nice being surrounding by nice things again. It’s quite a mix here though. I had the most dramatic exit last week for transfers. When I left, I had to wheel all my luggage 10 minutes down the street to the bus stop and everyone on our street was running outside to see me off and yelling, “Don’t go!” I felt so loved haha. Then some strong guys came out and took my bags and carried them for me. PHEW. That was a relief because I was dying.

I am definitely perfecting my spanish before I go home so I am very thankful to end with a Latin! We have a lot of fun together. She is my “chiquita” and I am her “grandota.” So cute haha. We’ve had some very spiritual lessons together and it’s been amazing to feel that power so strongly with people I’ve just barely met.
Nothing too crazy has happened this week besides the tropical storms. One insight I received from my studies this week is that Satan is also our brother, just as Jesus is. Therefore, Satan also knows us perfectly and knows our weaknesses. We too often forget that part and think we are invincable to Satan’s temptations but he knows us just as well as Christ knows how to supplicate our every trial and pain.
We went to Faro Colom today which is the place where (supposedly) Christopher Colombus’ body is buried. They have a feud with Spain for who really has the body. But it is an awesome exhibit. I have all my last pdays planned so I can see all the hot spots here before I go! This is adventure number one 🙂
I love you guys!
Hermana Taylor

9 weeks to go…..

My body is definitely aware that it’s almost time to rest and go home. I got bad hip problems again and had to go get another steriod injection from the doctor this week. I’m an old grandma! I was just trying to lose weight and run in the mornings but the doctor said no more running until I go home or I will leave broken haha. UGH, fine.

We’ve seen a lot of miracles lately in the mission and starting teaching a 22 year old named Edwin. He is so awesome and has changed so much in the time that I’ve known him. I’m really sad that I will be leaving before I get to see him baptized. Alas, it is transfer week. I am being transferred out of my area to Alma Rosa in the zone Ozama. This is the place I will “die” or finish my mission. It is in the city and my comp will be Hna Morales. She is from Nicaragua and we will be Hermana Leaders togther. I will miss speaking English all the time. It was fun while it lasted.
One less active member paid for me to get braids done because he wanted me to have cool braids like my companion haha…. BUT the lady gave me corn rows! It was hilarious. I looked like a big freak and after getting some sweet pics, we took them out. My head would not look good bald, let’s just say that hahhaha.
One thing I learned this week is about the importance of sincere prayer. Just as we do different routines in the gym each day in order to develop stronger muscles, we must vary our prayers each day in order to develop stronger spirits. Repeating the same exercise every day will not give us a fit body, in the same manner asking for the same things in each prayer will not give us more spiritual strength or trust in our Heavenly Father.
Love you all!
Hermana Taylor

Really, nothing crazy happened…

Really, nothing crazy happened this week but I think I am just used to so much crazy that now it is just normal..

It has been raining incredibly hard here and we end up getting stuck in people’s houses for hours until the coast is clear to leave. We lose power and lightning strikes so close you think you are going to see someone’s house get lit up in flames! Nothing compares to a tropical storm.
In the middle of a lesson this week, we were sitting outside and we had just said the prayer when an old man interrupts and starts pouring out his heart for me. He grabbed me by the shoulder and got in my face and it was so uncomfortable. He just started rambling on and I accidentally started laughing and then we all started laughing. I had to kindly ask him to leave and try to set the scene in the lesson all over again, haha.
I got told twice this week I look like I am a cartoon character. What?
Something I really came to understand this week is that we can only do our best and the rest is in the hands of the Lord. If we do our best to be more like Him everyday, He will do the rest and help us acheive our goals. It is easy to get discouraged when we don’t see instant results or blessings aren’t fulfilled before our eyes, but that is where our faith goes into exercise! I love the gospel with all my heart!
Hermana Taylor
PS this is a view of my life each day… kids love to use my hair as their doll. DSC04255