Really, nothing crazy happened…

Really, nothing crazy happened this week but I think I am just used to so much crazy that now it is just normal..

It has been raining incredibly hard here and we end up getting stuck in people’s houses for hours until the coast is clear to leave. We lose power and lightning strikes so close you think you are going to see someone’s house get lit up in flames! Nothing compares to a tropical storm.
In the middle of a lesson this week, we were sitting outside and we had just said the prayer when an old man interrupts and starts pouring out his heart for me. He grabbed me by the shoulder and got in my face and it was so uncomfortable. He just started rambling on and I accidentally started laughing and then we all started laughing. I had to kindly ask him to leave and try to set the scene in the lesson all over again, haha.
I got told twice this week I look like I am a cartoon character. What?
Something I really came to understand this week is that we can only do our best and the rest is in the hands of the Lord. If we do our best to be more like Him everyday, He will do the rest and help us acheive our goals. It is easy to get discouraged when we don’t see instant results or blessings aren’t fulfilled before our eyes, but that is where our faith goes into exercise! I love the gospel with all my heart!
Hermana Taylor
PS this is a view of my life each day… kids love to use my hair as their doll. DSC04255

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