9 weeks to go…..

My body is definitely aware that it’s almost time to rest and go home. I got bad hip problems again and had to go get another steriod injection from the doctor this week. I’m an old grandma! I was just trying to lose weight and run in the mornings but the doctor said no more running until I go home or I will leave broken haha. UGH, fine.

We’ve seen a lot of miracles lately in the mission and starting teaching a 22 year old named Edwin. He is so awesome and has changed so much in the time that I’ve known him. I’m really sad that I will be leaving before I get to see him baptized. Alas, it is transfer week. I am being transferred out of my area to Alma Rosa in the zone Ozama. This is the place I will “die” or finish my mission. It is in the city and my comp will be Hna Morales. She is from Nicaragua and we will be Hermana Leaders togther. I will miss speaking English all the time. It was fun while it lasted.
One less active member paid for me to get braids done because he wanted me to have cool braids like my companion haha…. BUT the lady gave me corn rows! It was hilarious. I looked like a big freak and after getting some sweet pics, we took them out. My head would not look good bald, let’s just say that hahhaha.
One thing I learned this week is about the importance of sincere prayer. Just as we do different routines in the gym each day in order to develop stronger muscles, we must vary our prayers each day in order to develop stronger spirits. Repeating the same exercise every day will not give us a fit body, in the same manner asking for the same things in each prayer will not give us more spiritual strength or trust in our Heavenly Father.
Love you all!
Hermana Taylor


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