I love Alma Rosa! It was a great week getting to know my new area and companion. I love them both. It’s nice being surrounding by nice things again. It’s quite a mix here though. I had the most dramatic exit last week for transfers. When I left, I had to wheel all my luggage 10 minutes down the street to the bus stop and everyone on our street was running outside to see me off and yelling, “Don’t go!” I felt so loved haha. Then some strong guys came out and took my bags and carried them for me. PHEW. That was a relief because I was dying.

I am definitely perfecting my spanish before I go home so I am very thankful to end with a Latin! We have a lot of fun together. She is my “chiquita” and I am her “grandota.” So cute haha. We’ve had some very spiritual lessons together and it’s been amazing to feel that power so strongly with people I’ve just barely met.
Nothing too crazy has happened this week besides the tropical storms. One insight I received from my studies this week is that Satan is also our brother, just as Jesus is. Therefore, Satan also knows us perfectly and knows our weaknesses. We too often forget that part and think we are invincable to Satan’s temptations but he knows us just as well as Christ knows how to supplicate our every trial and pain.
We went to Faro Colom today which is the place where (supposedly) Christopher Colombus’ body is buried. They have a feud with Spain for who really has the body. But it is an awesome exhibit. I have all my last pdays planned so I can see all the hot spots here before I go! This is adventure number one 🙂
I love you guys!
Hermana Taylor


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