This week was the baptism of Nerson.

This week was the baptism of Nerson. He is so sweet and he is doing so well and learning so much. That same night, we have a devotional at our stake building with Sister Marriott and Sister Burton of the general relief society and young women’s. It was incredible and we learned so much about marriage and family. They were like celebrities afterwards and people were running up to get a photo with them. We sat in the front and had hopes to meet them but we patiently waited our turn. Right when we got up to them, they said no more. All us missionaries got rejected and it broke our hearts haha but it’s ok, I’m sure they were overwhelmed with all the kisses and photos.

Before the mission, I always thought humility came in the form of poverty, but here I have learned that is not the case. I have met some of the most humble, servicial people here who are middle class and give all they have to help others. The president of our relief society always makes extra food and gives it to anyone who passes by. I admire her charity so much and realize how much more reason I have to give.
We went to the Zoo today and it was awesome! I love my tourist P-days. My awkward moment of the week was when we were eating lunch together as a zone and the man serving the beans poured scalding hot beans on my hand and I had to hold my scream. I now have lovely burn marks all over my hand.
That’s all for this week! I love you all and can’t believe I will be seeing you all so soon! I don’t think I am ready for the culture shock but I sure am ready to hug you!
Hermana Taylor

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