So, I did something dramatic…

So, I did something dramatic this week. I cut and colored my hair. Spicing things up before I come home! haha 😉 Sorry for the overload of selfies this week but just trying to show you all how it turned out. My companion said I am now ready to go home and find my novio (boyfriend) haha.

My companion got sick with a stomach virus that is going around the east so we were in and out of the doctor’s office this week. Once she recovered, we filled our days with walking and trying not to pass out from the high heat levels we are experiencing lately. We’ve had to drop a lot of people we are teaching because they just want to be our friend but do not keep any compromises with us. We call them “DTR” lessons haha, or “Determine the Relationship.”
We had a really awesome experience this week when we passed by the house of an old investigator of Hna Morales. She had only listened to the missionaries 2 times beforehand and the last time was about 2 months ago. We went to see how she was doing and see if she was ready to accept the gospel. As soon as we entered her house, she started crying and said that we are her angels because God knew she needed us today. It’s really incredible the way we can help others when we listen to the Spirit. Sometimes God answers us through other people he puts in our path, and we never know when we are that person. I try my best to always follow those impressions because any good thought is of God, so act on it!
Les quiero mucho,
Hermana Taylor 🙂

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