21 days!!

Truthfully, I forgot my agenda from last transfer at home so I don’t remember much about last week because my memory is horrible as a missionary, haha. I will do my best.

My companion is getting transfered to another area so President is putting me in a trio for my last 3 weeks! I am super excited because they are both American so I can practice my English prayers before I come home! haha. One is named Hna Young from Alabama and the other Hna Rice (my mission granddaughter) from California. I know them both and they are great girls so it will be a lot of fun for my birthday and last 20 days. 🙂 I never thought I would be celebrating my 24th birthday on a mission, but God always know what we need better than we do and gives it to us in His time.
Everyone loves us here and feeds us so much. Tonight we have 2 dinner citas planned… so much for coming home skinny. :/ Just no fat jokes at the airport, ok?!
I gave my last testimony in the leadership counsel this week and I sobbed like a baby… and I can count the number of times I’ve cried in the mission on one hand so it was a big deal. It started to actually hit me that this is the end. This journey has truly changed every aspect of who I am and I am forever grateful for this experience.
We are having a miracle baptism this Saturday on my birthday! It is a young boy named Roinel. He is the nephew of a member whose parents are non-members. We are so thankful for the Lord providing us with a baptism in a time when we are struggling to find people to teach.
I have discovered that the Lords no’s are preludes to an even greater yes“.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Taylor

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