The secret to missionary work is…

“The secret to missionary work is WORK.”

We had a really great week and found a family of gold, family Sosa. They are so sincere in their desire to learn. The wife prayed at the end of our second lesson together and asked so genuinely if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. It was so powerful! We always ask people to do this but they never quite understand, but this woman did and her prayer was so full of the spirit. My companion and I were both teary eyed. They are very special. They own a small market attached to their house and run it everyday so we knew it would be a challenge for them to attend church. The wife said, “Well, we can just close it for an hour to go to church and then the Lord will probably bless us with double the sales afterwards.” WHAT. We never even had to teach them about the sabbath day, she just knew.

While on an exchange this week, we saw lightning hit ground! It was so loud and scary. The rain has been so strong this cyclone season.

We also just had an earthquake today and all the power went out…. in the middle of writing you guys, actually haha.

We had a game night with the branch on Friday and only one adult came with 5 children so we played Uno and everyone goes crazy during that game! All the kids started fighting and crying when they weren´t winning. I felt like I was babysitting haha.

Normally when it starts raining really hard, someone nearby has us run into their house to take cover. Yesterday, we got invited into a birthday party of an 85 year old. It was awesome. We crashed their party and got soda and cake. Woohoo!

It´s been a really great week and we are really seeing the small miracles and blessings poured upon us by the Lord!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Taylor

photos: eating apple pie for 4th of july! last holiday before I come home! ah!

eating mango…. the best thing in this country in the summer.




This week we had an awesome experience….

This week we had an awesome experience with prayer. We were getting a little worried about our goals for this month because we are all supposed to find and baptize a family or 3 people and we don´t have many potentials right now. BUT, we prayed one day before leaving to find a family that is prepared to accept our message and that same day we found a family that had been investigating the church 23 years ago! Crazy! I know Heavenly Father is listening to our prayers and answers us when we ask for specific things.

We had some funny experiences this week as we were proselyting. I decided that we should take a short cut to a lesson through a dirt trail and next thing we knew, our shoes were buried in mud. They became so heavy from the mud stuck to the bottom of them that we could barely make it back to the road without losing our shoes. We were dying laughing and the lady we are teaching ended up washing our shoes. It was a kind-of Jesus moment, I guess haha. So…. no more short cuts.
We went to the temple this week and each time we go I feel like my brain explodes from the knowledge I gain! Especially because we get to pick the brain of Pres. Corbitt afterwards. I always end up translating for Hna Corbitt which makes it harder for me to pay attention fully but it was still incredible.
Anyways, church is true. love you all.
Hermana Taylor

Transfers were last week!…

Transfers were last week! I received a new companion, Hermana Simpson from Utah. She is blonde so the people will go crazy haha. She is really cool and we get along really well. She is going to help me try to slim down before I go home….. either that or cave into temptation with me. Who knows. So I am still here in the campo… Heavenly Father sure has a funny way of teaching me patience.

I feel like all my days are the same over and over so it´s hard to remember if anything interesting or slightly different happened. I´m officially the 5th oldest missionary, time wise. So that feels really weird! I feel like I just got here!
We have had a ton of tropical storms passing through here! It gets kind of scary. We got caught in the middle of one while proselyting one day and had to take cover for a good 30 mins until we decided to make a run for it and go home. As soon as we got close to our house though, the rain stopped. So that was a little frustrating haha but we choose to laugh at all of our unlucky situations. We were drenched. I have never seen rain come down so hard. We were in a lesson and the wind blew the door down. Talk about a storm! But they say missionaries who work in the rain have cuter husbands, right? Doin for you, babe! haha jokes jokes… kinda…
That is all for now, but, I love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana Taylor
ps…. this is a collection of photos from the past 3 weeks.. my camera got fixed!

This week has been quite normal…

This week has been quite normal so no crazy stories… but there was one thing that happened this week! We had an earthquake!! I was laying in my bed and it felt like someone was violently shaking my bed out of no where. It was pretty strange but kinda funny.

I really loved this week in our stake conference what the stake president said. He said, “One who says he loves the Lord and does not love his fellow man is aLIAR. One cannot love the Lord without loving those around him.”
The church is true and I love you all!
Hermana Taylor
ps…. I have a virus on my camera so my photos are lost for now until I figure out a way to fix it 😦

First of all, shout out to Garrett….

First of all, shout out to Garrett for turning 16! Happy birthday!! 🙂

This week was full of weird moments. Let me share my favorite three.
1. I got really sick after eating with a member but have a quote on my wall that Jesus went out and worked when he was suffering and afflicted so I should too and yadda yadda yadda…. so I forced myself to leave and half way down the road there I was sitting on the curb, in the rain, unable to walk any further. My companion was getting a good laugh out of my pain so that was nice haha. Apparently I was walking like “una loca.”
2. The fire alarm started going off at bedtime one night…. right at 10:30. We freaked out thinking there is a fire…. nothing. We disactivated it magically but 10 minutes later it turned back on. Well, I´m not the most patient person in the world so the third time it went off, I got on a chair, ripped it off the wall and slammed it on the ground. My companion was there cheering me on haha. No one interrupts bedtime…
3. I BORE MY TESTIMONY FOR FAST AND TESTIMONY MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! I immediately got so nervious and my voice was shaking so bad (you´d think I´m a missionary or something) and I thought I was gonna pass out so I leaned against the wall and bore my testimony. When I sat down I couldn´t feel my arms and thought I was just gonna fall over in my chair haha. WHAT A RUSH. So that was a huge accomplishment for me.
Truly, I just wanted to express my love for my Savior and Redeemer. I realized that if He were there in that sacrament meeting, I would want Him to know how deeply I love and appreciate him and KNOW that His gospel is true. I now have a testimony of testimonies and that they grow stronger each time we share it. I know that my Lord, Jesus Christ, lives! 🙂
I love you guys and this wonderful, life changing work.
Hermana Taylor
The campo is a refiner´s fire at its finest. At times you want to cry from the conditions and other times you never want to leave the insanity because…. well, it sure makes for some great stories.

We had 2 baptisms this week of two 14 year old girls named Yacaira and Yocaira. It was a Noche Blana for the campo so we had a big baptism with our district which includes 3 other companionships. Here´s how baptism day began: no preisthood able to be present, no running water in the church to fill the font, no baptismal clothing, and no transportation to get our girls to Monte Plata (45 mins away) for the service.  We all put our brain power together and before we knew it, we had a water truck outside hauling in water to fill the font and 2 elders climbing in the ceiling vents to break into a locked room to grab the baptismal clothing. Everything fell together in the knick of time and we had a successful Noche Blanca, campo style.
Other funny moments of the week: A 9 year old girl in one of the families we are teaching said the prayer and included, “bless the drunks and the crazies.” It was classic. We also had a baptism in the middle of district meeting last week and it was the day we realized that baptisms are, in a sense, like weddings. We apply Murphy´s Law and see that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
Nonetheless, we had a great week and learned so much in leadership meeting this week! I realized how much more consecrated to this work I can and should be. I am a missionary 24-7 and should never stop doing my Heavenly Father´s work, even on my P-day´s. If we want more blessings, we must be more consecrated. I love leadership counsel days! They always make me want to be a better missionary.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Taylor
ps…. sorry there are no photos.. the computer is having some technical difficulties

This week Loren was baptized!

This week Loren was baptized! It was such a special day and showed us how much baptism can soften one´s heart. The grandmother of Loren never had much interest in listening to us but we convinced her to come to the baptism. She came and said, “This is the most perfect baptism I´ve ever seen. I´m going to get baptized in your church one day, too.” MIRACLES!!! (side note- she started clapping after the service and it was awkward and we were trying not to laugh haha)

Fun facts of this week:
I sang a duet with a Brazilian pop star. So that´s new haha. I think the Lord knew I needed a decent voice to attract people here.
We brought investigators to the baptism (2 sisters of 14 years old) and they both flipped off the other branch members while we were leaving and I had to give them a lecture afterwards on clean language and proper manners…. Lots of mother training and patience building…
There is a rumor going around our area that if you get baptized in our church that you can go to the US hahaha… looks like I´ll be telling people I´m from Australia from now on.
I love this work and I love learning everyday! I kind of have mini panic attacks when I think that soon this will all end. Until then, I will be making the best of everyday! Love you all!
Con amor,
Hna Taylor
ps- sorry some of the pictures have some weird effect on them… the 9 year old girl put that effect on my camera and I didn´t realize it until today.. oops.

This week has been FULL…

This week has been FULL of meetings and barely any time in our area! We were visited my Elder Hugo Martínez of the Seventy and it was awesome to learn from him! My favorite insight from him was his definition of a friend. A friend is someone who makes living the gospel easier. If they do not, they are not a friend.

We had some funny mission news for the sisters here in the Caribbean area. We can wear dress pants! We would look like elders. It is because the mosquitos are carrying a lot of dangerous diseases that is attacking many missionaries. Luckily, I haven´t gotten one yet, but I am getting eaten alive. It is so painful being so itchy all the time!
Funny story of the week: a little girl at church asked me if I had chicken pox. I told her no and asked, “why?” She pointed to my freckles on my arms hahahaha. I just said, “Don´t worry, this is normal for white people.”
I love you all and am so excited for Cameron to be serving the people in Washington!!! I still can´t believe my baby brother is going to be a missionary and serve the Lord!
Hna Taylor

Transfer week!

Transfer week! My companion, Hna Jean, speaks 4 languages and goes home at the end of this transfer! So…. I just have to really work on not getting trunky with 2 dead comps back to back haha. But she is great and the sweetest girl ever! She is turning 25 so it´s cool being the young one for once.

This week hasn´t been too exciting because I¨VE BEEN DYING. It all started last week with a cold and each day I worked in the rain, I got worse….. obviously, right? Who taught me to tough it out and be a man and that we are never really sick..?? (cough dad cough) (I was just doing it for my future husband…. haha jokes… kinda) ANYWAYS, the doctor thinks I have bronchitis and get pretty mad that I was trying to work in my condition so I got locked in for a couple days. I am slowly getting better and have gotten so desperate that I am making weird teas out of leaves Dominicans give me haha.
It was voting week here so it was pretty hectic until they announced the winner today. Everything should return to normal soon. Bayaguana is still as campo as ever and needs a LOT of work but, I know I was called to this area for a reason and hope I am a sufficient tool in the Lord´s hands to bring the gospel to the loving people here. The people are truly so loving and welcoming in the campo and I love that! Still learning lessons everyday and seeing that the Lord is preparing the hearts of all the long time investigators of the church. It is so awesome to get to see them decide to FINALLY accept the gospel in their lives after so many years of indecision. I love this work!
I am so excited for my baby brother, Cameron to get his call and know that a mission is the BEST decision anyone could make because it will completely change your life! AHHH!
Anyways, until next week.
Hermana Taylor

I don’t have much time today….

I don’t have much time because today is a bit crazy but I am going to send some pictures! We have had a lot of miracles this week and it has truly testified to me that God is still a God of miracles and works through the FAITH of His children. (Moroni 7:26) I am so thankful to be a missionary and to see the hand of God in this work every day!

Transfers are here and my companion is named Hna Jean from Haiti so maybe I will learn a little Creole or French 🙂 I am staying here in the “jungle” aka Bayaguana.
Con mucho amor,
Hna Taylor

Well let me just share some fun….

Well let me just share some fun experiences from this week because it’s been a wild week.  1.  We learned fireflies are attracted to light because we were teaching in the dark and used our flashlights and one came directly at our faces and my companion smacked it with her hymn book and it came back at her like a ping pong ball…everyone was screaming and running away but it’s just a little firefly!  haha!

2.  We have  baptisms coming up this Saturday!  Filo and Leidi.  They are grandma and granddaughter and the cutest ever!  Filo was a grumpy old lady when we met her and she has warmed up to us so much and now she can’t stop laughing and smiling when we are around.  They have been a huge miracle for us and are SO PREPARED.  She had to give up some addictions, which is usually a hard process to get people to agree it is necessary, and she just agreed right off the bat and dropped everything the next morning!  WHAT?? The Lord prepares His children.

3.  We are teaching a group of mechanics whom we call “the lost boys” from Peter Pan.  haha!  There are 10-15 young men from ages 17-30 and are so receptive!  It was honestly surprising because I’ve never taught any young men in my mission due to them being “freco” or flirty.  but these boys actually listen!  We made it a goal to teach men beacuse our little branch only has 4 men over the age of 18.  Two of them even came to church!  YAY!  They are all pretty rowdy so one night we sang and prayed with them and the silence was incredible!  They all folded their arms and bowed their heads and it was so reverent!  I was in shock and we could all feel the Spirit.  Also, they all live on our street so now we have a little gang that will protect us, haha.

That’s about all the interesting things I can think of for this week.  Oh, and I hit my 1 year mark!  Last 6 months.  🙂 Time to work harder than ever!!!


your favorite Caribbean missionary.


Best/most interesting moments of the week:

1. My companion has amebas (type of parasite) and we spent a day in the hospital while lighting struck down in Bayaguana about 3 times. It sounds like the end of the world each time it rains lately. It is cyclone season.
2. WE KILLED A TARANTULA. Yes, you read that right. We came home one day and it was chillin there on our wall so we had a long process of attempting to kill it. We through everything from books to clorox on it and nothing. I ended up taping a frying pan to a broom and smacking it a thousand times while screaming until it was dead. That was a first!
3. We got invaded by moths/flying ants? We aren’t sure what they are but it was like a plague and I just hid under my sheets.
4. We had 2 baptisms!!!! It was such a miracle with them and they were so prepared. The funniest part of it was that the older woman had to be dunked 4 times because her foot kept coming up and then her granddaughter was only dunked once. She later asked, “I had to go under 4 times because I had more sins than Leidi, right?” hahaha!! We couldn’t stop laughing and explained that it was because of her foot. She is hilarious. I love them so much! She’s like a crazy, Dominican grandma 🙂
Living here in Bayaguana is basically like camping…………… EVERY DAY. Our shower water is green and we rarely have water. (thank goodness for wet wipes) But the campo is so beautiful! One thing that really stuck out to me this fast and testimony meeting was this, “Am I embarrassed to testify of Christ and how great He is? Will He be embarrassed to testify of ME in front of the Father at the last day?” We should never be afraid to share our testimonies! I’m always a chicken but I know that that is how our testimonies will grow and other people can feel the spirit through our experiences. We don’t know how powerful our stories really are.
I love everyday I have as a missionary!
Hermana Taylor